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Zong Ning: programming from the children, children’s education technology upgrades – Sohu technology in fact, I was learning the computer, that is too late to enlightenment, and finally no achievements, and finally turn professional. Because the computer programming is the University began to learn, so many people still can’t adapt quickly. But programming skills and ideas are still very important in modern society. In the western countries in science and technology education is very popular in the early education was drilled in programming concept, and some products, is still very interesting. Obama couple recommended and supported by the product of Gates. Dutch & dada are two very interesting children’s programming robots launched by the fantasy workshop, from 2013 since the release of a few years has become a very popular product of global science and technology education, not only is the Amazon won the highest score of toy robots, and Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates recommended for children to learn the best way in computer science, 2015 to join the public courses organized by Code programming one hour, Obama was invited to the White House race. At the same time is the highest score on the Amazon toy robot. The robot collocation infrared and speed, gravity and other sensors, at the same time have some interactive functions — can achieve flexible racing, dancing, singing, and even recognize voice interactive dialogue with children. More importantly, it uses a graphical editor can be set by four APP robot action and trajectory, to create their own robots. The concept of graphic editing, in fact, is a direction of modern programming, for children, there is no learning disabilities. This is the reason why this product can be very hot, because this is the only thing that can let the child began to develop a program of thinking. Dach and China to Chinese dada landing ", have the opportunity to Dach, people introduced to the children here, we are particularly excited, I hope Chinese children and the United States, Europe and Australia as the learning and use of." The founder and CEO of fantasy studio is very happy. This product from the world to enter China, in fact, did not spend too much time. Chinese children’s early education in general or liberal arts foundation, emphasize the study of traditional culture, the physical and chemical aspects is still relatively weak, not to mention that programming. And if you can achieve this goal through the toy, then it is indeed an epoch-making product. Dach is a real robot, lively personality, good at? Mobile, dance, talk and sing,? On? Lights can shine can perceive the world around, light and sound? Obstacles, and react according to the instruction. But it is not good at Dada movement? Thinking and decision-making, can speak and sing, can through the Lego bricks collocation of all kinds of accessories, a variety of roles, their children? Can Blockly and Wonder two APP? 100 kinds of interesting dada programming tasks, will be designed as dada lovely clock, a spaceship? The funny thing is, or solution相关的主题文章: