Zigong woman was yache underneath the passers by force to lift the car to save (Figure) (video)-t420s

Zigong woman was yache underneath the passers by force to lift the car to save the picture shows the scene (Figure). Around 12 noon in September 20th, before the entrance of Zigong (micro-blog) Nanhu international community underground parking garage, a middle-aged woman was hit and involved in off-road vehicles, which was in critical condition. More than 10 enthusiastic people came to help, lifted the car from the side and rescued the injured. At present, the injured woman is still in hospital, seriously injured. "I was on duty at the time, only to see the car turn left." On the morning of September 21st, the witness, uncle Qiu said that the off-road vehicle was very fast at the time of the accident. It was estimated that the driver did not find someone in front, and knocked her down directly and rolled to the bottom of the car. After the incident, he quickly ran to see, and came to the South Lake international community more security, "that woman was pressed in the car, unable to move, we dare not force to pull, and later suggested that the car lift up to save people."." Several passers-by and community security guards were forced to lift the car, but the car was too heavy to lift. Subsequently, more than 10 passers-by came to help, and change the strategy, all concentrated in the hands of the vehicle side, eventually successfully lifted off-road vehicles, rescued the woman, the ambulance was subsequently sent to the hospital for treatment. "The injured woman is a security guard’s wife in our district. He came to the sentry box to talk to his husband." According to the Nanhu international community security team captain Zhou introduced, knocked the women more than 50 years of age, some time ago just had a car accident, "that discharged soon, results by this henghuo." It is understood that women suffered heavy injuries, surgery is still in the ICU ward treatment. According to the Department of East police traffic police brigade accident squadron responsible person, through on-site investigation, a preliminary understanding of the accident and the SUV driver improper disposal and inattention. Huaxi City Reader reporter Lan Jiang (map according to friends) editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, car falling in the middle of the night, the driver trapped in the fire water smashed door to save people

自贡女子被压车底 路人合力抬车救人(图)图为救援现场。9月20日中午12点左右,自贡(微博)南湖国际社区地下停车场进出口前,一名中年妇女被撞并卷入越野车下,情况危急。路过的10余名热心群众纷纷上前帮忙,从一侧抬起车子救出伤者。目前受伤女子仍在医院治疗,伤情较重。“当时我正在值班,只看到那辆车很快左转进来。”9月21日上午,目击者邱大爷说,事发时越野车速度很快,估计驾驶员没有发现前面有人,直接把她撞倒并卷到了车底下。事发后,他赶紧跑过去查看,一同前来的还有南湖国际社区的多名保安,“那名妇女被压在车底,动弹不得,我们又不敢使力去拉,后来有人建议说把车子抬起来救人。”率先来到现场的几名路人和小区保安用力抬车,然而车太重,根本抬不动。随后,又有10多名路人前来帮忙,并改变策略,人手全部集中在车辆一侧,最终成功将越野车抬起,将妇女救了出来,被随后赶来的救护车送医治疗。“受伤的妇女是我们小区一名保安的妻子,他是来岗亭找丈夫谈事情的。”据南湖国际社区保安队周队长介绍,被撞的妇女50多岁,前段时间刚出过一次车祸,“这才康复出院不久,结果又遭此横祸。”据了解,被撞妇女伤情较重,手术后目前仍在ICU病房治疗。据处警的汇东交警大队事故中队相关负责人介绍,经现场勘察,初步了解该起事故与越野车驾驶员处置不当和注意力不集中有关。华西城市读本记者 兰江(图据网友)编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 轿车半夜坠湖司机被困 消防水中砸门救人相关的主题文章: