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Relationships Providence often seems inscrutable and willful. Relationship disasters strike; and leave us feeling crushed and helpless; and we wonder why these things are happening to us. Take heart! You do not have to suffer the whims of fortune blindly. Life is not the random chaos that we take for granted. It is a relationship game to help us develop our full potential. Trust me, just like you, I have had my fair share of relationship challenges in life. I cannot tell you how much heartache I went through until I discovered the hidden secrets of life. Let me reveal these to you now. * Life is a game with a firm set of rules. To make sense of the many repetitive crises and so-called coincidences in life, somebody should have handed us a set of rules at birth. As it is, we must discover the method to the madness around us as we go along, and many give up trying. Through many heart-wrenching dramas, I learned that life is a competitive relationship game. To graduate from one level to the next, we must navigate past many traps and red herrings. * The name of the game is conflict. Life is a relationship game of me versus you. Most human interactions, no matter how they begin, escalate until one wins, and one loses. There is no denying or escaping it. If we avoid clashes with others, we still must struggle against the voice inside of us to reach our goals from losing weight to becoming a champion marathon runner to finding happiness. * There are three players in the game. Any relationship conflict requires a minimum of two players, an aggressor (villain) and a victim. Ideally, a hero then rushes in to rescue the victim and restrain the villain. Of course, we all like to think of ourselves as good people. However, each of us plays all three roles at sometime in our life. * Life appears unfair. Unfortunately, there are far more beginning players, the victims and villains, than more advanced heroes in the world. When no savior appears to rescue the victim and restrain the villain, life appears unfair. Yet, this conclusion is only a trap in the game that keeps you embroiled in conflict. * You repeat the same unresolved relationship conflicts until you graduate to the next level of the game. Any victim scenario will keep haunting you by drawing similar people and situations into your life until you become a winner. If a series of sweethearts has abandoned you, or you have lost several jobs, or suffered various accidents, then you have experienced the game at work. Incidentally, the same mechanism applies to the villain and the hero. * There are 36 variations of relationship conflict. That would be too easy. The game throws 36 different relationship conflict scenarios at you, some simultaneously, to keep you entertained and confused. Each playing partner that appears in your life is struggling much like you to get through those clashes alive and unscathed and preferably, a winner. * What is in it for you? All relationship conflicts must ultimately end in the triumph of the hero who then sets out to live happily ever after, or so the game would have us believe. Again, this is just fool’s gold. The prize of the game lies truly in the soul qualities you develop each time you become a winner, the first and foremost of which is courage. Life can be a fun-filled adventure once you recognize the relationship rules of the game at work in your life and look out for its pitfalls. You need to balance strength and love to win the game. Too much strength turns you into a villain, too much love into a victim. The winning role is a hero with enough power and heart to help other players become a winner also. About the Author: Loy Combs, a relationship researcher and consultant for over forty years, teaches you the secret rules of the relationship game. Extract yourself from dramas and begin anew. Get your free relationship test to determine your position on this chessboard called life at Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: