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Advertising You have just received an offer for free business cards. This sounds almost too good to be true. "What’s the catch?" you wonder. The fact is, there is no catch, the printer just wants to demonstrate to you their fine product. The .pany that is offering the business cards has a lot of faith in the quality of their work. They know that if you could just see and feel the quality of their cards, you would see the value that their .pany offers to your business. It is difficult to see the excellence of the printing or feel the quality of the paper on which the cards are printed on a web-site. You need to see the vividness of the colors, the crispness of the printing, and the quality of the paper first hand. The .pany that has the offer looks at the cost of sending out free samples of their quality work as just another advertising cost. It is just a cost of doing business for them. Advertising dollars are spent in many ways which include: mailers, billboards, TV and radio, and product demonstrations and samples. Free business card offers are an example of product samples. A business decision has been made that offering samples is a cost effective way to target a specific market segment. The .pany offering the free samples is banking on several conditions that will encourage the recipient of the free cards to reorder more cards or other products at the normal rate: 1) They have confidence in the quality of his product and the recipient will be pleased with the quality of the product. 2) When there costumer realizes the quality of the product and the value they receive, the costumer will be very likely to order additional products from the same supplier. 3) Humans are creatures of habit. Once a business owner has established a good relationship with a supplier of any type, that relationship will usually continue, unless a dramatic event takes place. Once the printer is able to entice you to order your free sample, he is confident that you will reorder. As a business owner who orders the free business cards, you then have a selfish interest to re-order more business cards from the free sample .pany for several reasons: 1) The printer has already .pleted the lay-out and one time production costs of the cards, so this cost has been eliminated from any additional orders, thus saving you, the customer, money.. 2) Keeping the same card style and lay-out gives the impression of a stable, established business. It makes sense for a business owner to re-order business cards from the same .pany to save money, for convenience, and for continuity of the business’s image. Offering free business cards is not always as costly to the printing .pany as you may think. The printer’s cost of ink and paper is not what he charges for the final product. His actual cost is much lesser than the retail price, so the ‘give away’ is not what he would charge at retail. While 500 business cards may cost you, the buyer, $40.00 the printer’s actual cost is much less, and that cost is the true cost of his ‘give-away’. Also, the lay-out designer and pressmen are already on the payroll, so the time involvement by them is already a business overhead expense. The point is, the true cost to the .pany is not as great as you may first think. Bottom line: Free promotions can benefit both the promoter and the recipient. The costumer gets products to promote his business for free, and the business card .pany gets relatively low cost advertising. See, everyone wins. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: