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Turkey town is the fantastic alien fairy chimneys – Sohu of Turkey tourism Cappadocia has a landscape on the earth the most fantastic Town, surrounded by natural volcano rocks surrounded by undulating hills, ravines, surreal landscapes as from weird fantasy world, here is also known as the planet’s most like the moon’s place, every year attracts tourists from all over the world come in a throng. Let CAPA so famous fairy chimneys dochia is 12 million years ago by a series of volcano eruption caused by. The formation of condensation in the volcano ash tuff wind and water erosion over millions of years was eventually shaped into such a strange landscape. Here, the hard rock is located on the slightly soft rock, when the rest of the erosion is clean, just below the soft rock remains intact, forming a strange and independent spikes. The elves of the most concentrated, the most peculiar shape of chimney density area is love (Love Valley Goreme Village Valley), it has now become a famous love holy land, lovers that climb tens of meters high mountain to lover confession will be a success. The top peak by nature, wearing a hat, block of basalt is the structure of these fall into a reverie attracted a lot of young couples, so politely called it love valley. Goreme village has thus become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. Love Valley is Asia’s best hiking routes through the valley, about 1-3 hours, the best choice in the morning on foot, because the sunrise point just as the most beautiful rock ancient shape, dreamy scenes seemed to people outside the planet of illusion, it is said that the United States science fiction film "Star Wars" was in this location. Attracted by the unique landscape here the visitors will be nature to create extraordinary as if done by the spirits of rolling hills, and variegated orange mountain, everything seems ethereal. The most unbelievable is the local people will be transformed into a pillar mining in winter and cool in summer houses and churches, these caves are communicated with each other, not only has the upper and lower floors, even viewing balcony, the villagers called them "the castle". As the volcano caused the trees to sparse vegetation, almost none of the wooden houses, and visitors are willing to experience the full of fascinating cave life style. The legend was true love! Today, the guy finally admitted to the success of beauty. Hello beautiful, all the way to see you, I want to come with you love across the valley fairy chimneys scenery, as we climbed up to see O (a _ U) O~~. More original travel notes, please pay attention to my public number: ranma96 micro-blog: @ Ranma garbled相关的主题文章: