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College-University Today, India can boast about its rising economy, infrastructure and many more globalizing attributes. A number of great international schools contribute significantly towards the education system of India providing curriculum that is at par with other countries. So, all those people who have recently shifted to Delhi from abroad need not worry about their childrens further education because there are many international schools here. It is no easy for a child to fit in an absolutely new environment suddenly. However, international schools solve this problem very easily because it caters mainly to foreign students and follow global codes of staff management and librarianship. Large number of international students encourages them to embrace each others culture and appreciate unity in diversity. International students Schools in Delhi usually follows English as the medium of teaching and conversing because it is the most .mon language. With an interesting mix of co-curricular activities to enhance the overall development of a student, the schools broadly divide the activities in the groups of sports and games, performing arts, creative interests, service initiatives and personality development. Sports and games include outdoor sports, indoor sports and physical education while performing arts give students the opportunity to hone their skills in the field of music, dance and theatre. Creative interests of a student delves into calligraphy, drawing , clay modeling, etc while personality development deals with debating, elocution, public speaking, presentation skills, etc. The most important criterion followed by international schools is easy transfer of student from one school to another in case of shifting to a new country. Another impressive aspect is that these schools usually attract more number of students than the national schools because of the various international students programmes organized by schools in Delhi. Education in todays world is not just about classroom teaching and theoretical knowledge, but practical knowledge too. Hence, facilities like a physics lab, chemistry, biology lab, math lab, information and .munication technology, e-learning, school library, sports .plex, life skills room, art & craft room, dining hall, video conferencing, air conditioned transport, air conditioned class rooms, etc are a major part of international schools for students. With the age of globalization, education at a national level is not enough for international students, especially the ones in Delhi. Hence, international schools ensure that they give global exposure to their student by collaborating with organizations like Microsoft, UNESCO, World Economic Forum, etc. These international students programmes encourage the students to be.e global citizens in future and get employment in foreign countries on the basis of their internationally recognized qualification. Also, education is a system that requires constant improvement with evolving times. Hence, even international schools catering to so many students need to constantly improvise and innovate to make the process of learning enjoyable and enriching simultaneously. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: