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The tiger mother cat dad has been out of date, now popular dolphin mother – mother Daisy Kay | Sohu author Shu said kaishushuo a middle course, it is the essence of Chinese culture. But in recent years has been a lot of people think that is on the fence values, is irresponsible, no principle theory. But in fact, it is really a middle course, the "right" to the extreme. This has a higher requirement on the direction and intensity of the behavior. So, get along with their children, there is a middle course? Recently saw some dolphin parenting law, the information to share with you. First of all, I see a few online test questions, take a look at, what kind of parents are you? Question 1: today is a statutory holiday, the children do not have to go to school. They are so excited, but you feel so tired. You will at this time: the A. command the child to stay in their own room to play, no noise, do not disturb mom and dad to rest, and then put the bedroom door shut. B. is willing to let the children how to play on how to play, he was lying down on the sofa. C. explained to the child that he felt very uncomfortable, ask them to play when the attention, because mom and dad need a good rest. 2: the children put their room out of order, a mess, but he is going to go to the movies with my friends. At this point you will: A. you ordered him to clean up the room immediately, or to see the movie plan canceled. B. you’re not going to do it, after all, this is his own room. C. help you sort it out a little, but insist that he clean up immediately after seeing the film. Question 3: you’re making a chocolate cake. You told him never to eat chocolate, or not enough to make a cake. But when you turn around, you find that his chocolate is all over his face. At this point you will: A. you shout at him, let him go back to his room, and he was deprived of the right to eat chocolate cake. B. you grab your cell phone and take a picture of him. His face is so cute. C. you with a mild tone to blame him, but he didn’t see themselves when we look. Question 4: you have a lot of clothes to clean and then clean up the kitchen. When you A. in your work, let the children recite the multiplication table, after all, to be a good university, study hard all the time never wrong. B. you let the children sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons all day, so that at least he can keep quiet. C. you invited him as your assistant to help with the laundry and kitchen. Conclusion: if you choose "A", then you are "tiger mother" parents most if you choose "B", then you are the "cat dad" most parents if you choose "C" Congratulations, you are "dolphin" parents don’t have the answer now. Hurry. Let’s take a look at the article below to see what we are doing today相关的主题文章: