The woman in the name of love fraud to conceal marital history of more than 3 yuan tsumori chisato

Woman to conceal marital history in the name of love fraud 3 yuan original title: Fujian Pingnan a woman to love the name of fraud to conceal marital history of more than 3 yuan in new network Ningde on 9 September, (Zheng Xiaoyan Ye Mao) the woman married to conceal the fact that, with others under the guise of the name of love, the fraud of more than 3 yuan. Fujian Ningde city Gutian County Court 9 disclosure, fraud trial of Wang Fang (a pseudonym) 6 months detention and fined 37000 yuan. Court found that: July 2012, Ningde City, Pingnan woman Wang Fang left Gutian for Hainan to work on the bus, met a man from Hainan Tian Li (a pseudonym), two people talk, leave each contact, agreed to Hainan continue to contact. From Wang Fanggang to Hainan, unfamiliar, Tian Li often call to care about her, with the passage of time, the two established a relationship. However, the seemingly good love is a scam. Wang Fang actually married for many years. With Tian Li on the bus for the first time in conversation, Wang Fang found that he was eager to find an object to marry, so conceal their married facts, and the development of the relationship between love and marriage, as a step by step to cheat the money to get married as a bait. From March 2014 to September, Wang Fang married, grandpa died, the fictional brother home fact, Tian Li repeatedly cheat money totaling 36300 yuan. Wang Fang after returning home, Tian Li aware of his attitude changed, the two contact less and less. Tian Li heard by other people around, the original Wang Fang married. Found himself cheated Tian Li, decisive alarm. August 16, 2015, Wang Fang was Gutian County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. The court held that Wang Fang illegal possession for the purpose of concealing the facts of marriage, marriage as bait to cheat others money 36300 yuan, the amount is larger, its behavior constituted fraud. The prosecutor’s office charged with the crime. In view of Wang Fang after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty, and the money would be returned to the victim and obtain understanding, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. Accordingly, the court made the decision in accordance with the law. (end) editor: Chen Yi SN225相关的主题文章: