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The western media comment on presidential debates: Hilary has Trump disaster – Sohu News Reference News Network September 28 daily Road West media said, in the first presidential debate Hilary choose to calm attitude, seize the opportunity, this strategy increasingly highlights her rival Trump mistakes, constantly interrupt the rude personality. According to EFE reported on September 26th, Hilary from the beginning to calm down, Jean Trump decided to answer in a cocoon around oneself. It was a real battle, and when Hilary was attacked by "character" by Trump, she just gave a sarcastic smile, which quickly spread through the social network. An atypical candidate like Trump broke into the general election, and the debate was highly anticipated. North Iowa University Political Science professor Justin? Holmes said, "candidates tonight facing different tasks and challenges. Mr Hilary needs to find a way to deal with unpredictable opponents to make up for the recent decline in support. Trump needs to create an image of President "," I think, on the whole Hilary performance is quite satisfactory, although not exciting, but Trump’s performance is indeed hundred-percent disaster". However, as Arthur, a professor of political science at the University of Michigan, points out, the public’s expectations of Mr Trump are low, as Mr Obama has a wealth of experience in politics and similar debates. At some point in the debate, Trump knows how to communicate with the audience, but also well versed in the attack. An argument "he is the most effective, why not ask a long time in politics so people to solve the main problems of American economic diplomacy, lupia said. In his view, Trump accurately captures the essence of the problem, although he lacks transparency in the interpretation of his property account. Reported that Trump has not yet released its tax proof, his argument is contradictory, and failed to put the shadow of the largest election scandal in the shadow of the debate on the. Hilary let Trump tried to silence her. Lupia said, "a key turning point is that tax declaration and mail door. Hilary Trump announced a number of conjectures lead to tax situation, this is a very clever means "debate," put forward the problem rather than jump to conclusions, this debate can provide an ideal stage for the future of this question". Hilary lupia think through tax Trump well suppress the latter, its integrity is in question, and yet calm. However, the experts warned that although Hilary is likely to win a good performance, but she did not respond to the concerns of voters in a concise and clear. Hilary lupia said, "in detail, but in its narrative point of concern about the voters’ plan ‘according to the shortcomings, she accidentally repeated" planning "of the word, just strengthened Trump’s question:" why do you need to wait for such a long time to solve the problem." University of Michigan forensics expert Allen Kaul? That debate belongs to the Hilary winner. "Hilary Trump’s attack firepower, in a battle in a victory", "opening when Trump showed strong, but finally lost momentum gradually declined.相关的主题文章: