The car is not on the mobile phone to stop some really big loss (video)

The car is not on the mobile phone to stop some really big loss in the sun six car maintenance method under the wrong car hurt the car paint all the friends that normally would go to the local car wash car beauty shop. Give your car a bath, let it become bright. But do you know there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to in car beauty shops?. In general, you give the car keys to the clerk and then go to the lounge to play with the phone, so you may ignore a lot of details of the car wash. So what do we need to pay attention to when we go to the car wash? For you one by one. 1 see the weather, don’t underestimate the small details of life, if you don’t pay attention to the weather blindly to wash, then wash a car outside when it began to rain, especially in the big city, the rain mixed with a lot of dust what, once the fall dry in the car, will leave an ugly spot, the car looks like "chikura holes". So it’s smart to pick a sunny day to wash the car. 2, pick a good time according to years of car wash experience, the most appropriate time to wash the car on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Why Wednesday and Thursday? Because on Saturday, then we have to rest, car wash more people, this time is not suitable. Monday, two, as we are in the rush to work, traffic jams, not necessarily a good mood to wash the car, the store’s master in these two days of work will be relatively less active. Thursday and Friday are close to the weekend, Tuesday and Monday, so the best time to wash is Wednesday and Thursday. Secretly tell you: Wednesday and Thursday is the best working condition. Don’t ask me how I know. 3, car wash to check this is very important. Specifically check what? The first is the car in front of the lockers and mats and so on storage space, these places are often some of your invoice missing ah ah what change, picked it up and put it in the pocket bag. Because the car finished doing car in the link, the clerk will help you with the strength of the vacuum cleaner to clean the interior, an inattentive will put your important files or to be reimbursed from invoice change. 4, pay attention to the dry towel general car beauty shop will have their own set of procedures, so the car will be divided into categories according to the towel. For example, there are special cleaning paint, clean the interior, wipe glass, wipe clean the engine, wheels, there are stringent requirements. But the roadside car wash, a big mop, the whole car to "drag" finished, mop inside the sand and sharp objects do not always provide a flush, if after washing the car paint surface leaving a few scratches, then plug the heart. There are a number of beauty shops will use the last time you do not wipe the towel to wash your car or use a towel, so you need to pay attention to whether there is such a situation. 5, asked the clerk to do service maybe a lot of you do not know the car beauty shop is a lot of service requirements, and do not need money. You can ask the clerk to your mat is thoroughly cleaned, and you can let the staff help you check the tire and tire pressure, tire look around.相关的主题文章: