The ability of the game is too low to make the star dissatisfaction had to fight the call of duty yezimei

The game is too low to make the capacity value of discontent: star had to play call of duty. According to the "USA Today" reported that "the vast majority of players NBA 2K17" value has announced, Minnesota star Andrew virchis felt dissatisfied with their ability of value. Wiggins is the 2014 NBA champion, is also the best rookie winner. Last season, Wiggins’s data has been further improved, he averaged 20.7 points. According to this view, Wiggins in the "NBA 2K17" in the ability of the value should be greatly improved. But that’s not the case. Wiggins sent a response to Wiggins’s ability to "NBA 2K16" in 81, and his ability to "NBA 2K17" was only about $82. In this regard, a grievance for Wiggins on Twitter: "Andrew – Wiggins 2K value is 82 by far is my worst (results)." After that, he responded to the tweet, and he seemed to agree. "That’s why I’m calling" Duty "(Call Of)." Wiggins responded.相关的主题文章: