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Travel-and-Leisure Prince Albert II of Monaco is one of the world"s most beloved monarchs. He is the main royalty of the Principality of Monaco and head of the House of Grimaldi. His father was the previous Prince of Monaco, Rainer III, and his mother, famously, was Grace Kelly. While he is married, he has no legitimate children, so his heir presumptive is his eldest sister, Caroline, Princess of Hanover. An impressive man As a young man, Prince Albert was active in sports and school. He attended Amherst College and graduated with a bachelor"s degree in political science. Albert engaged in many sports, largely track and field, but also fencing and skiing, along with many others. He was also a frequent .petitor in the Winter Olympics in bobsledding. This carried on a family tradition of being Olympians, as his mother"s father and brother were both Olympic medalists. Prince Albert is currently on the International Olympic .mittee. The prince is among the riches of the world"s monarchs and has various property and real estate holdings in Monaco and abroad. He does not, however, own the Prince"s Palace. Prince Albert continues the philanthropic policies of his family, supporting the environment and .bating global climate change. His main focus is the protection and preservation of marine life. This is apropos of his city-state"s monarch, since Monaco is home to one of the foremost aquariums and oceanographic museums in the world. Concerned about the effect global climate change is having on the oceans of the world, Prince Albert has visited glaciers to observe their recession caused by global climate change. Prince Albert also created the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to further his cause in helping the environment. He is also the only living head of state to visit the North Pole. Prince Albert"s philanthropy does not stop at climate change. He is the vice-chairman of the Princess Grace Foundation. The foundation is a charity, named after his mother Grace Kelly and created after her death, the foundation supports artists around the world. Royal controversy The Prince"s personal life has been under considerable scrutiny for much of his life. A bachelor until recently, the Prince has been involved in a number of scandals. A frequent rumor spread about the Prince is that he is a homosexual. The Prince has denied these allegations repeatedly and it seems clear that they are patently false. This is the case because Prince Albert is the known father of at least two children out of wedlock. Both times the mother came forward to the press and with legal action. Both times ge.ic testing proved that Prince Albert was the biological father. Prince Albert has acknowledged his parentage to these illegitimate children and has taken some measure of responsibility. His first illegitimate daughter is known to have an open invitation to live and study in Monaco. Prince Albert has expressed affection for his illegitimate children publicly and by European and Mongasque law, they are entitled to part of his personal fortune in excess of one billion dollars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: