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The development of Pingtan International Tourism Island: borrow to accelerate the transformation of the horse industry project concern hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in the Pingtan development: 3 points by the international Tourism Island opportunities to accelerate the strategic transformation of the Securities Times reporter Zhu Zhongwei the afternoon of September 12th, the development of Pingtan (000592) Deputy General Manager Yang Jiayi guest securities times · E Dong Miwei chat show, with the Pingtan international tourism island and the recent hot topics of investor interaction warm. Yang Jiayi said that the issuance of Pingtan international tourism island construction program is more firm to the company’s strategic transformation of tourism, health care industry goals. The construction of international tourism island is a major positive in September 6, 2016, the national development and Reform Commission officially issued the Pingtan international tourism island construction plan, Pingtan international tourism island will active service major national development strategies, to further highlight the characteristics, advantages, and actively explore the island tourism development mode, to construct the tourism industry as the pillar of the industrial system, promote cross-strait economic integration the cultural and social depth, the formation of a new situation in cross-strait cooperation, actively participate in the "The Belt and Road", the construction of the new system open to the outside world, to further promote the construction of ecological civilization, the formation of harmonious development of man and nature, and strive to build a new pattern of economic development and social harmony, beautiful environment, unique and yearning for the compatriots on both sides of the international tourism island. In response to the favorable policy, Yang Jiayi said it is more firm to the company’s strategic goal of tourism, health care industry transformation. "Pingtan is the second after Hainan international tourism island, whether from the area, population, number of tourists and GDP are far inferior to Hainan, but it is such a land area of 392.92 square kilometers, sea area of 6064 square kilometers of the island, it is a collection of policies in the experimentation area, the comprehensive advantages of cross-strait common home, free trade and international tourism island the. It is precisely because it is small enough, and the country has given such a high strategic positioning, these factors have brought enormous space for development in Pingtan." Yang Jiayi said. The plan, to the development of Pingtan marine tourism, shopping tourism, recreation and tourism, expand tourism consumption, and the development of Pingtan tourism, tourism shopping was in style and health aspects of the tourism projects and reserves the right, gives the company a chance to serve the national development strategy, but also can use this opportunity to realize the development of the company the strategic transformation. "M + self" to accelerate the integration of tourism resources development in Pingtan for a period of time before the disclosure of the proposed acquisition of Beijing scenic area tourism development Kang Hui 50.8% stake in the company, then the acquisition of Jiashan tourism development company 51% stake in Kang Hui creation. For the acquisition of tourism assets, Yang Jiayi said, as the only one of the current A-share listed companies in Pingtan, the company is based in Pingtan but not limited to Pingtan. Secondly, the development of an excellent tourism scenic spot project should have its own characteristics, not a simple pattern replication. Therefore, the company adopts M & a self built, with two相关的主题文章: