Ping An executives team to meet the lineup before the former chairman of Haitong Securities, Shangha ghost observer

Ping An executives team to meet the lineup before the former chairman of Haitong Securities, Shanghai Pudong joined We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! The Economic Observer reporter Ouyang Xiaohong   Chinese Ping – Ping An Bank had just experienced personnel changes, the executive team never seem to lack the lineup. After Li Renjie, former president of the Industrial Bank, two heavy financial figures recently joined Ping, a former president of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Zhu Yuchen, another is the former chairman of Haitong Securities Wang Kaiguo. According to sources, Zhu Yuchen and Wang Kaiguo have accepted Chinese Ping An insurance (Group) Limited by Share Ltd chairman and CEO Ma Mingzhe extended the olive branch, or recently joined Ping, respectively take charge of overseas assets exchange and investment funds in mergers and acquisitions, Ping an asset management section in the leading position. According to reports, in addition to Zhu, Wang two, another heavyweight in the domestic stock market, the former deputy general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Liu Shian airborne Ping An Securities, as early as October 2015, served as executive vice president. Liu assumed responsibility for the management of the securities regulatory agency for nearly 20 years, served as deputy general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been as long as 10 years. After Ping An Bank senior changes, after a year of practice experience, there is news that Liu soon took over as general manager of Ping An Securities company. The Economic Observer newspaper reporter to the brand publicity department of Ping An Group to verify the rumors, each declined to comment. Last year, former president of the Bank of Societe Generale Li Renjie officially joined the peace before rumors are quite wide, a financial institution executives believe that the authenticity of this rumor is very high. In this view, the financial sector executives seems to be a "Peacock Flying Southeast, Qi to go in peace" scene, the reason is quite complex, but the safety mechanism and the unique culture or attract the "magic weapon" big brothers "". As one of the founders of the domestic futures market, Zhu Yuchen successfully founded and managed the Dalian commodity exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange and other leading domestic futures trading platform. Sources close to the above, Zhu Yuchen joined the peace, peace for the preparation and management of a registered overseas investment trading platform, is the direction of commodities and precious metals trading, this may be an important strategic layout of China ping an open international asset management business. The securities industry heavyweights Wang founding, is active in Haitong Securities chairman before the end of term, after joining the peace, and peace will trust together a group of mergers and acquisitions fund, the fund will focus on linkage in the market of the one or two and two level market merger and acquisition become the industry leading professional institutions. With professional experience, Wang founding industry reputation and personal network development prospects of the fund’s reverie. Public information, Zhu Yuchen, born in 1961, senior economist, served as president in October 2012 April 2015, Shanghai Pudong Development bank. During the performance, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to achieve double-digit profit growth. Previously, he was on the China Financial Futures Exchange相关的主题文章: