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Photography: how to shoot a gorgeous spectacular Aurora? The time is coming to September, went to a good season a year in Aurora shooting, every time around the world scenery photographers and tourists will be continued to the north of Europe, Norway and Iceland, to witness one of the beautiful natural landscape of the planet’s most. When we see the whole sky is gorgeous brilliance shrouded in green, blue and pink or red light danced in the air, the thrill of feeling will make you unforgettable. Of course, the aurora is not a can meet in the worldwide phenomenon, whether you want to watch the shooting or northern lights, even if we really to the north of Norway and Iceland, and also can not guarantee that we can see them. How can we see the aurora? Go to the northern hemisphere unfortunately, aurora is unable to see in the world. As its name implies, this natural phenomenon occurs only in the northern hemisphere, and the most popular attractions include Norway, Iceland and Alaska. Although the solar storms are particularly strong, we also have the opportunity to see the aurora in the southern part of the region, but most of the time the aurora phenomenon is more obvious in the northern region and strong. To sum up, the first step to success is to travel to the north. In addition, we also remember that Aurora is a suitable for night viewing natural phenomenon, so we need to plan their trip in autumn or winter, summer area near the Arctic circle will experience the very day phenomenon of 24 hours, if this time you can only draw a blank. Far away from the light pollution in urban area in trance station in downtown is not always possible to see the aurora, light pollution in the city almost devoid of all the splendor in the sky, but there are exceptions, that is in the highest KP index value, but it is only a handful of cases, in order to increase the watch Aurora chance insurance we should try to choose the light pollution less and can clearly see the sky area. In order not to be too blind to watch and shoot, I recommend using some tools to help us locate. For example, "Dark Sky" website is a good choice, we can find out which areas of light pollution is less, which is the best place to observe the night sky. How to shoot the northern lights? In the selected location, the next is to pick up the camera ready to shoot this rare sight of life. The use of three tripod and remote shutter since the shooting environment is very dark, so we will inevitably use long exposure to technology, that is to lower the shutter speed to shoot. But every time, it is time to the three foot display skills to the full will directly determine the previous piece, the final quality is awesome for your support system. At the same time, we can also consider adding a double insurance, the use of remote control when shooting the aurora, so that you can put an end to any of the shutter release due to the release of the fuselage vibration. If there is no remote control, the fuselage.相关的主题文章: