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The people’s daily as saying the new rural seedless grapes infertility   why so many people believe – View – network security Minong fabric products, reduce information asymmetry, improve the ability to identify the public on rumors, multi force to make the truth runs in front of rumors recently, seedless grape is dipped in the pill so many rumors "eat melon masses" heart panic, some areas of seedless grape sales even be affected. Fortunately, experts timely rumor, was to reduce the negative influence to a certain extent. In recent years, life rumors spread sensational, many agricultural products and related. Such as the use of vegetable oil cooking can be carcinogenic, with flowers of cucumber will lead to infertility, such as eating strawberries will cause cancer. Some of the rumors had to rely on simple common sense will be able to identify the authenticity of the widely spread of agricultural products has become the hardest hit by rumors of harassment. It is believed that the reason behind the rumors is irrational, but we should also pay attention to the causes of this irrational. Tonyred, milk powder, drainage oil…… Over the years, agricultural products safety incidents have occurred, many consumers to leave a psychological shadow. So once there are rumors about food safety, many people’s first reaction is to believe it is not credible. Indeed, daily expenses, daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, safety of agricultural products and the vital interests of each person is closely related with the level of consumption is rising, the people of the health and safety of agricultural products to pay more attention to no ground for blame. However, why some groundless rumor but let many people believe? Because of discrimination rumors really needs some professional knowledge, but because a lot of consumer information on various aspects of the lack of understanding of the channels, the agricultural production, the number of chemical fertilizer and pesticide; transportation, preservation and processing, meets the standards; there is no harmful chemicals, are not very clear. On the topic of the most concerned about the masses, true and accurate, transparent and timely information supply is not enough, naturally, some people will be hungry because of the information and gullible rumors. It should be said that consumers questioned the safety of agricultural products, to a certain extent, reflects the progress of consumer philosophy. Public awareness of their own rights and interests to enhance awareness, but also can play a certain role in social supervision, forced to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products. But if overkill blindly make groundless accusations, believe rumors, and even rumors pass rumors, caused by the social harm is underestimated. Wrong information will affect consumer choice. For farmers, rumors fermentation will affect the sales of agricultural products, fruit or even a hard year labor piled on farms, rot in the tree. Like last year’s brush circle of friends to eat strawberry carcinogenic, so strawberry prices plummeted, Beijing growers losses of up to ten million yuan. To prevent rumors, the most fundamental is to weave Minong security network. Provide safe agricultural products, so that consumers be assured, should be throughout the whole process of agricultural production concept, should also be a participant must abide by the rules. As agricultural production operators, whether ordinary or new farmers, the main production and management, should begin from me, start from the details, pay attention to quality, ensure safety, so that consumers use the practical action to dispel concerns, build confidence. Government to the quality and safety of agricultural products相关的主题文章: