Outsourcing customized products blowout raised the size of hidden worries – fund channel expansion wharfedale

Outsourcing customized products blowout raised the size of expansion hidden worries – fund channel reporter Zhang Li bank, insurance and other institutions outside the continued inflow of funds raised funds, raised the "custom products" boom. Due to the outsourcing of customized products blowout, many fund companies to obtain stable and sustained funding channels and institutional customers, and with the scale of outsourcing business to catch up with other peers. In the public offering actively sought after outsourcing business at the same time, market participants said the risks should not be underestimated outsourcing product scale and performance rise behind. Once the institutions choose to withdraw, many funds will face huge net redemptions, soaring prices, the risk of shell products. At the same time, the deep-seated problems of marginalization, fund management innovation malaise has become the market worried. Custom funds soared in the second half of this year, the Commission funds to expand the custom funds. Many first raised the scale, issued in a relatively short period of time, the number of new fund holders Co. is regarded as the most customized products from large institutional clients "". Out of commission customized fund blowout, to some extent, become the fuse of the fund market. Due to the current market downturn, fund companies face difficult issue, time delay, channel and other rising trailing commissions dilemma, and institutional customers "outsourcing funds" join has become an important source of funding to maintain the size of the fund company, boost performance. At the same time, thanks to the expansion of outsourcing business, some fund companies also expand the scale of outsourcing business and other catch-up counterparts. A large fund company in Shenzhen, the relevant sources, from the beginning of last year, the company has started ahead of the layout of banking outsourcing business, for institutional clients customized fund products this year to only about 100; with the help of outsourcing customized products. New fund size of more than 40 billion yuan, the future expansion of institutional customers is still an important strategic direction. A fund company said, due to the outsourcing of business expansion, the company management scale easily through the new fund in the form of a substantial increase, in favor of other hedge fund products on the scale of the impact of redemption; at the same time, this kind of product management cost is not high, can help the fund company which is currently the thickening of the profits, most fund companies actively competing the important reason for outsourcing assets. The public offering words fall it is worth noting that, although the fund company actively sought after institutions outsourcing outsourcing capital assets, but the change in the current fund market pattern, also hidden dangers and risks of certain follow-up fund management companies to expand the size of the buried, seemingly behind the actual deposit in negative effect. In the industry view, due to increased demand for outsourcing and fund companies actively pursued, customized products continue to increase, so that the majority of institutions gradually convergence, but if there is dissatisfaction with the situation and return for synchronous withdrawal, will have an impact on the entire market. A fund company believes that if the fund company did not advance the agreement once the institutions and institutions, huge redemption, net product will produce sharp fluctuations in the number of holders will be dropped, products showed "empty" state to the operation and management, always face the risk of liquidation. Meanwhile, the marginalization of public fund management company also makes some of the industry deeply worried. It is reported that many fund companies.相关的主题文章: