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Online shopping 7 days no reason to return to the proposed regulations: should be returned – gifts will be Beijing, Beijing, 27 September, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news, SAIC announced today "network to buy the goods seven days no reason to return the implementation measures" to the public for comments. "Draft" clear, online commodity sellers should perform seven days no reason to return obligations. The operators sell goods by television, telephone, mail order, reference to these measures. The measures shall come into force as of March 15, 2017. The draft clearly pointed out that the method of payment of the purchase of goods by way of payment; consumers should return the goods themselves, accessories and gifts were returned. "Draft", the network commodity sellers should perform seven days no reason to return obligations. Network trading platform providers should guide and supervise the network commodity sellers on the platform to perform seven days no reason to return obligations, supervision and inspection, and provide technical support. The seller of goods made this way to encourage the network is more conducive to the consumer no reason to return commitment. "The draft" clear four commodity Na seven days no reason to return provisions, including consumer made goods; perishable goods; consumer online download or unpacking of audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; delivery of newspapers and periodicals. At the same time, the draft also clearly three kinds of goods by consumers in the purchase confirmation, can not apply for seven days no reason to return. One is to change the nature of the goods, affect the safety or health of goods easily after unpacking is two; by activating or derogatory commodity value larger after the trial; three is the sales had been expressed near the shelf life of goods, defective goods. "Draft" requirements, consumers should be returned goods intact. Goods can maintain the original quality, function, the goods themselves, accessories, trademarks and other complete, as a commodity intact. Consumers need to open the commodity packaging based on the inspection needs, or to determine the quality of the product, the function of the reasonable adjustment does not affect the integrity of the goods. "The draft" pointed out that, beyond the quality and function of commodity inspection and confirmed to use commodities, resulting in commercial value from large, as the product is not good. Specific criteria are as follows: one is the food, medicines, health products, cosmetics, medical equipment, health supplies, office supplies, automotive supplies: a one-time sealing packaging is damaged; two is the electronic appliances: unauthorized repair, alteration, destruction, alteration of mandatory product certification mark, label, machine instructions serial number, is difficult to restore the appearance of class marks, or activation, authorization information and reasonable personal use of data such as data retention using traces; three is the clothing, shoes and hats, bags, toys, textiles, Home Furnishing: trademark, logo was cut off, contaminated, damaged goods. On the return procedures, draft stipulates that consumers choose no reason to return should be received within seven days from the date of sale of goods to the seller notice. Seven days since the receipt of goods for consumers to open the next day.相关的主题文章: