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Home-Improvement Whenever you’re constructing a new building, you need to consider the roof. Roofs are also major .ponents of the cost of repairing existing houses. When you are choosing a roof, you need to consider appearance, expense, durability, and the length of time that you intend to continue living in the house. Depending on your needs, metal roofs may be a good option for you. In both appearance and functionality, modern residential metal roofing has improved greatly from the days of their corrugated, "tin shed" appearance. Metal roofs now are more aesthetically pleasing, while retaining all the advantages of the material. Metal roofs are extremely durable, fire resistant, light weight, wind resistant, reflect heat well, and are easier to install. Drawbacks include initial cost, louder noise from rain or hail, poor insulation ability, and easier chipping and denting. Metal roofs are very resistant to wind damage, such as from hurricanes, and so are an appealing option in areas vulnerable to wind damage. Metal types of roofing also receive the highest fire retardant rating. As such, homes with metal roofs may have a higher asset value, and enjoy lower insurance rates. Because they are reflective of the sun’s radiation, they keep your house cool in the summer and reduce utility costs of air conditioning. Metal has virtually no inherent insulation to keep in heat, but if you add insulation materials or construct your roof so that there is a "dead space" between the metal and the underlying .ponents, this is not a significant problem at all. If you’re concerned about noise from your metal roof during rain or hail, consider using sound deadening insulations. Note that heat can make metal contract and expand, so connectors may loosen over time. The lightness of metal roofs can reduce construction costs decreasing the amount of support members needed for them. Low weight can also mean that metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof in need of replacement without having to tear it off, saving time and money. Since metal types often .e in sheets covering a fairly larger area, installation takes less time. However, large sections may be harder to replace if that necessary and may be hard to match if an addition is built. The single reason that people decide against metal roofs is the cost. These types of roofs can be very expensive, but finding discount metal roofing is possible. Whether discounted or not, metal roofs are always an excellent value because of their long life. You can reasonably expect to get 20 to 50 years out of a metal roof. In fact, it is likely to last longer than the house it’s on! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: