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Self-Improvement Matthew Baird of Stoughton is a well-respected, well-rounded individual who is academically gifted, a .munity leader and a volunteer. He is active in sports, is a business professional and a member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Balance is the key to any successful life, and Matthew Baird of Stoughton has learned how to balance a demanding college schedule with volunteer work, keeping fit and gainful employment. Many of the values that Matthew Baird of Stoughton holds dear are rooted in the balanced man approach to life that Sigma Phi Epsilon espouses. There are three principles that Matthew Baird of Stoughton follows that align with Sigma Phi Epsilon; philanthropy, sound body, and sound mind. Philanthropy is something that Sigma Phi Epsilon encourages in its members. Matthew Baird of Stoughton has learned to give back to his .munity through volunteer work. He supports Relay for Life, a charity that sponsors events to raise money for cancer research. Matthew Baird of Stoughton also takes a balanced approach when it .es to his health. When it .es to having a sound body, Matthew Baird of Stoughton has been working on his for a very long time. Participating in several sports keeps Matthew Baird of Stoughton active and in shape. He knows that without taking care of his body he would not be able to take care of others. Since high school he has been an athlete and has always participated in several sports at a time. Sigma Phi Epsilon teaches that a sound body is important to living a long and healthy life. Academic excellence is part of Matthew Baird of Stoughton’s vision of a sound mind. He has always taken his education seriously. Matthew Baird of Stoughton was a member of the national honors society in high school and graduated with honors. Continuing his education has been one of Matthew Baird of Stoughton’s goals since childhood. This also lines up with the values taught by Sigma Phi Epsilon. When you align yourself with an organization that teaches about balance, like Matthew Baird of Stoughton has done with Sigma Phi Epsilon, you find people who hold the same values that you do. Matthew Baird of Stoughton sums it up best. "I have found people who understand me, who get where I am .ing from and who are going in the same direction." Matthew Baird of Stoughton seems to have found that finding balance is important to living a long, healthy and productive life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: