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UnCategorized If you are planning for your future, you would do well to consider enrolling in a massage therapy program. Massage is increasingly being used in medical applications. A massage therapist these days is just as likely to work in a hospital, nursing home or doctors’ office as they are to work in a high class resort. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that jobs in massage therapy will grow 20% by 2016. Let’s take a look at what is involved in a massage therapy program. Basic Program Description In a massage therapy program, you’ll learn how to do therapeutic massage for preventative maintenance, stress management, rehabilitation, relaxation, injury recover and general wellness. You’ll be trained in a range of different massage techniques, including Swedish massage, condition specific massage for treating carpel tunnel syndrome, low back pain and headaches, Asian theory and body work, and massage designed for the elderly. You’ll also gain a working knowledge of anatomy, pathology and kinesiology. You’ll also gain interpersonal skill, as making the patient feel comfortable is an essential component to the relaxing techniques of massage. Professional ethics are also important components of a massage therapy program. Job Outlook As more people learn about the benefits of massage, the job outlook for massage is expected to grow. Massage has become important in nursing homes, doctors offices and hospitals. Some companies have even been known to employ massage therapists in order to offer their own staff stress management. As the benefits of massage gain prominence, many insurance companies are accepting it as a verified form of alternative medicine because it is also cost effective. Those who enter a massage therapy program enjoy a healthy job market after they graduate. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects a 20% growth in jobs through at least 2018, as these trends are expected to continue. Health care overall enjoys a good job outlook. As massage therapy becomes better recognized as a health therapy, massage careers will continue to gain advantage. License and Certification It is important that the massage therapy program be licensed and nationally credited. Requirements differ from state to state, but all students must pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Exam to graduate. Once you graduate the program, you must then apply for state license. Program Length Most massage therapy programs take about 9 months to complete, although supplemental training may be a good idea as well. You can take supplemental classes on working with cancer patients, the elderly, and different spine and muscle conditions. Many in this difficult economy are going back to school. Federal and state funds have become available to encourage job training and education opportunities, including loans, scholarships and grants for massage school. Earn Money While in School You may also be able to find a program that allows you to make money doing massage while you are in school. This can help pay for living expenses, books, and tuition. Many students form professional connections from their massage therapy program that lead to jobs upon graduation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: