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Automobiles Are you praying for a paragon small Car to meet the modern day requirements; and which is well equipped with a high capacity, high horse powered engine, captivating looks and designs? Maruti Suzuki Cervo is a suffice answer for the same with a probable launch in India in the year. Your awaiting eyes are to gaze at an epitome model of 3395mm length, 1475 mm width and 1535 mm height; with the incredible locally sourced engine of K-Series, which will have the capacity of about 1 liter; a 660 cc engine which will render a heightening output of 54bhp power and an apprising torque of about 64 Nm. Cozy and classic are the words that can describe the great interior of Maruti Suzuki Cervo to an extent; with a great resemblance with that of the Maruti swift. Quite uneven are the centrally located rectangular air vents and on the sides the circle ones. No doubt, the boot is quite small, but it can easily serve the purposes of office stuffs and daily shopping. Additional traits for the non Indian market .prises of 4-speed auto gearbox, semi bucket seats in the front, Bluetooth capability and K6A engine equipped with VVT. Yet another pearl of Maruti with impressive, elegant styling and the essence of a .fortable drive is the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi. .pelling you for a test drive from the first impression itself is this well placed and modern featured car, to fill the quality and luxury void of other series; and most incredibly with optional 4-Wheel Drive as the most paragon add-on for the rough terrains. Altogether designed with the traction control of Electronic Stability Program, Aluminum Alloy Wheel of 18 inches, a petrol engine of 2.4 liter WT, heightening maximum power of around 176 BHP, incredible options of 2Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive, the CVT transmissions options, the fog lamps , the centrally integrated console with USB support, the Antilock Breaking system and the elegant styling with the rigid suspension and aerodynamic body design; are the attributes of Maruti Suzuki Kizashi which would obviously render you the most cozy and relishing experience of driving. Astonishments itself discover an all new aspect very time, when it .es to Maruti Suzuki. And so is the legacy Maruti has carried with it to reveal its most .petitor diesel engine sedan, the Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel. Equipped with the DDis family engine, with a capacity of 1.3 liter diesel and a heightening 100-115 BHP power is this pearl which in future is to be provided with the 1.6 Liter DDiS CRDI Diesel engine rendering an incredible torque of about 200 Nm. So let you be privileged with the incredible cars of Maruti such as the Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel and the other series which are yet to be launched and astonish the mass. Perceptively, the swift and classy interiors, the aggressive sporty exteriors will let the professionals, the gens, and even the ladies to .pel their cash out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: