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SEO This new creation is brought to you by; just to make you aware about all those incorporated individuals who brainstorm day and night for their website. Its a new era where the creator doesnt take the credit himself but also admires the other helping hands. Nowadays, robots.txt is often used. It prevents the robot of search engines to crawl the page which you include in it or one can say robots.txt is for robots of search engines. However, humans .txt is for us and an obstacle free tool to get to your query about people who are behind that particular site in fast, convenient and easy manner. In this humans.txt tool, you can use heading such as TEAM and SITE. You can mention the Web developer, Website designer, copywriter, search engine optimization (SEO) or Social media optimization (SMO). Behind the creation and promotion of a website, a lot of people are involved. Name of these people could be added under TEAM heading. Under SITE heading you can add last date of updated site, standards, software used for development etc. You can also use THANKS heading, and the name or URL of site or company. You can also add any information which you want to. The idea reveals that we are in lookout for the best. It is not a fight between robots.txt and humans.txt. Its a fact that humans have always been better than robots. After all we are the robot creators. Therefore, in my view, humans.txt is a fast n easy way to get all information about people behind any website easily. It also gives you the right direction to present your ideas or any further information you want. Its a way that helps you make your own way. One more thing that I noticed; while searching for this humans.txt I found Google using the same one. You can check it on In above said paragraph Id discussed what humans.txt is?? Google also mention its team associates and other relative info. Which humans.txt means. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: