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Business What is a Microloan? Microloans are a economically safe process of financial borrowing for monetarily insecure individuals and communities, and offer a hand up from poverty instead of a give away. Capital for microloans could be accumulated by bargain sale real estate transactions, a system of donating property which has little value in its current market that creates a tax deductible donation and funds for the seller. The proceeds and make safe investment funds for the borrower who is then able to realize their business targets. In ’06, a Nobel Peace Prize was given to a Bangladeshi economist who setup a microloan program and helped decrease rural poverty. ..nytimes../2006/10/14/world/asia/14nobel.html?ref=microfinance&_r=0 Microfinance loans have a High Repayment Rate Borrowing through microfinance often takes place within groups of business owners, the members of which support each other with programs and repayments if unpredicted circumstances mean that the borrower cannot make a repayment. The Twunguke II group in Burundi have supported Chantal in ten microloans for her flour business, which have been repaid 100% in full- the most recent being $2,800. Chantal has supported her family on the back of her business, along with the support of each other the members of Twunguke II still lead independent lives. The Los Girasoles group in Caleta, Ecuador, are a .munal bank of 13 members who meet frequently to support one another with microloan applications. Gema, 38, and mother of three has been selling cosmetics and clothing door-to-door for 9 years to support her family. She is able to access microloans in order to grow and build her business through the .munal bank, and relies upon it as a source of financial security and support. This has resulted in Gema has been able to return the entire amount of each loan as well as building her business. By means of networks of business owners and stable links between non-profit organizations and the .munities they help, microfinance provides a sustainable answer to reducing poverty, and helps individuals build lives with self-esteem and independence at the heart. Microfinance applications are very carefully monitored by the organizations which help provide them, to ensure that they go towards practical goals and have a positive effect on poverty in the world. Promo: Mercy Foundation supports microfinance loans to thousands of underprivileged business owners on six continents. They think that giving somebody a hand up is more helpful to someone’s future than a give away. They take no interest on their loans and once repaid, Mercy Foundation loans the money out repeatedly to another businessperson. Mercy Real Estate Foundation, the fundraiser arm, acquires .mercial, industrial and retail real estate using the IRS permitted bargain sale exchange. Summary: Property donations build funds for microfinance loans in the developing world by bargain sale real estate programs. They offer a solution to poverty for people and help for the poor by empowering individuals to move out of poverty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: