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Home-Improvement You may have lived in your house for six months, six years, or sixty years, but every house needs to be spiffy again at some point in time. Sure you can mop and sweep and do a plethora of other things, but that isnt really a way to spiffy things up Some things that can brighten up your house and make it look fresh and new again are: 1.New coat of paint. Nothing says fresh like a coat of paint in a new bright color. Or maybe you could use the old color again. Either way, its sure to look ten times better than it did before! 2.New furniture coverings. You dont have to deal with the same boring drab color. Or maybe you like the color but just want to switch it up a bit. Even if you dont have the money to buy a cushion cover, you can purchase a flat sheet and simply fold it this way and that in order to make it cover the cushions and the back of the furniture the way that you would like it to. Its easy! 3.New floor tiles. Or carpet. You can also choose to replace your carpet or floor tiles. Sometimes they get a bit too gritty and dirty. 4.New curtains. Curtains brighten and make a room like new. Theyre easy to purchase and look great anywhere in your house! On the other hand, theres also the case of when you simply cant afford to purchase these things, or you simply dont want to. Sure you can find bed linens for cheap at certain stores, but sometimes they end up getting dirtier than your cushions. Or perhaps you dont want a new carpetor dont have the time to install it or look for someone who will. Things happen. Thats lifebut there are certain times in which you want something that looks better sooner instead of just waiting. Thats the beauty of home cleaners. They arent a maid service, first and foremost. They wont do your laundry or wash your dishes or find your pets lost chew toy. They will however, make that carpet cleaner than you could dream. It might not look exactly brand new (after all, some stains can only be handled immediately after their appearance.) but it will look quite a bit better. A home cleaner that specializes in carpets also might specialize in upholsterymeaning that they can take care of those old couch cushions you dont feel like hiding or replacing. In this case, they can clean your couch, armchair, or perhaps even a mattress if that is what you are looking to have cleaned. If the home cleaner specialized in carpets and upholstery, they might even clean your curtains. Do you have a special set of curtains handmade by an aunt? They can clean them. A store bought set? Those too. The beauty of hiring a home cleaner to clean your carpets is that they use the right chemicals and treatments. There are certain carpets that create a stain if you happen to soak the backing. They can avoid this and take care of any antique or handmade carpets in your home as well. And if they dont know if they can safely clean it, they will let you know so that they dont have to accidentally damage the carpet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: