Hammer T3 long this way Physical buttons missing (video) footman

Hammer T3 long this way? Physical buttons missing Tencent digital news (blue) although the hammer T3 release time is still unknown, but the network broke the news about the various aircraft but emerge in an endless stream. The day before, the netizen revealed a group of new spy hammer machine, the main features in the form of positive no entity keys, and the rear design of fingerprint identification, the rumor is the hammer T3 early engineering machine, although is said to have been cut off, but there is news that the hammer will today (September 14th) conference the date of publication. Spy photos exposure from the hammer of friends of the new spy plane on micro-blog exposure, compared with the circular Home key design over leaked hammer T3, this machine is not equipped with any physical buttons on the front, three grains in the virtual key dots show in front of us. However, the frame of the machine is wide, and also in the back of the Logo integrated fingerprint recognition function, which we have seen in the past, there is a big difference between the hammer T3. At the same time, in accordance with the user’s argument, the machine is actually the hammer T3 early works look, has now been cut. But there are users through the virtual key design that the machine may be the legendary 2 generations of nuts. However, regardless of the true identity of the aircraft, it seems to be sure, the future of the new mobile phone hammer in the forehead part does the sensor is integrated into the handset, and the front of the lens in the receiver on the left, this is a common feature of the current exposure of the new machine hammer. The upcoming release date is worth mentioning is that although it is not clear when it will be released hammer T3, but users claimed that hammer technology will be held today (September 14th) announced the official launch date in micro-blog. At the same time, hammer technology staff in micro-blog @ pool Jianqiang meaningful said: "old people asked me, not to write a website? , and released a iOS 10 system will be updated in September 14th with pictures. So many netizens speculated that micro-blog released @ pool Jianqiang convey two meanings, one is probably the hammer technology released in September 14th will date; two is the apple I might suggest that the hammer T3 really using the same iPhone and 7 round Home key design. However, in the official release time, is now likely to officially launch Public opinions are divergent., for example at the end of September, but there is news that will be launched in October. With a 5.2 inch screen previously, users @ Mocha workers at micro-blog disclosed that the hammer T3 will use the classic round in front of the fingerprint recognition design, mobile phone touch screen is 5.2 inches, the possibility of using JDI display, fingerprint recognition solutions will come from a famous international company, is equipped with Xiaolong as for the 3GB 4GB 820 processor, memory does not matter, anyway, hammer system without memory. However, the hammer T3 will not have a dual camera function, but will support fast charging technology. At present, the suspected hammer T3 phone model SM919 has passed the 3C heat card, according to past experience, which will mean that there will be a new hammer machine quickly meet us. There is also news that the hammer T3 stocking has been completed, the shipment will be scheduled in early September, but now the situation seems to be postponed to 10.相关的主题文章: