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Owning your own business is a challenge in its own right, and growing one that thrives in our current environment is even trickier. Those who are sowing the growth of their business in the traditional sense are getting stuck and creating not-so-desirable results. The practices that worked yesterday are not standing up in this new paradigm we find ourselves in. We see evidence of this in the breakdown of our society’s major systems, including, but not limited to traditional business. From the systemic perspective, we consider the current breakdown to be an indication of what needs to happen next, pointing us in a new direction. Many thought leaders, including myself, feel very optimistic about this time we are in. The question is, will your business be able to create the breakthrough, to make lemonade out of lemons? My work is very non-traditional, emergent and pioneering. For you to find your way here says a lot about who you are and your inherent potential. Simply because you found your way to this report, I believe YOU CAN CREATE THE BREAKTHROUGH necessary to Grow your Creative & Conscious Business with Ease. You can if your commitment is authentic. In order to do so, you need a couple of things: * (Conscious) Context – some background information, to help you understand what’s happening in the big picture * (Creative) Authentic Commitment – to develop new skills – leverage uncommon tools – ignite internal and external inspiration – infuse true growth in your business. Providing the Conscious Creative with this all-important information compelled me to write this report for you. Reading this information, and transferring it into your business will open new eyes through which to see your world (invoking deeper Consciousness), and inspire new actions (igniting fierce Creativity) through which to experience that world. Are you ready, because here we go! The All-Important Context You Need to Know To put things into context, the bigger picture you need to be Conscious of is that our world is experiencing a paradigm shift. The way we conduct business and relationships is literally changing, as is evidenced in the breakdown of major systems (including business, political, marriage and social) in our society. What worked yesterday, is no longer working today. The bigger picture is that our Creative faculties, which have been suppressed, minimized, or ignored, now are being called forth in order to experience success in the new paradigm. Global thought leader Michael Beckwith has called this a "birth" quake, because we’re giving birth to a new way of life, and a new way of conducting business. Those who are developing their Creative & Conscious faculties are leading the way in this paradigm shift, and they’re experiencing healthy growth in business that is not only sustainable, it continues to get better and better. What is Really Happening This paradigm shift taking place is significant. Creative & Conscious business owners are experiencing explosive growth, indicating our movement out of the Information Age into what I am calling Creative & Conscious Age. Think of this name as a working title, expressing this exciting and challenging time, where individual and collective inner and outer paradigms are shifting. It’s a bumpy ride, much like what people experienced in the transition from the Industrial Age into the Information Age. It is the people who are attending to and exercising their Creative & Conscious faculties who are leading the way and thriving through this transition, which is why I am here to help you develop those faculties. The purpose for sharing this context with you is not to have you unconsciously jump on the bandwagon–which wouldn’t be creative by the way–but rather to help you get clear on YOUR Creative & Conscious role in the emergence of this new paradigm. The Subtler Shift During the shift into the new paradigm, if you’re not growing your business effectively, you are most likely getting caught up in the "knowledge" and the "doing," choosing and acting unconsciously, and suppressing the power of your Creative faculties. Because the focus has for too long been solely on the bottom line, what’s happening now is we are in the process of moving o back to mutually beneficial value, and trusted relationships in business. As we do this, we need to be financially responsible, however, profit is not the only intention we have for our businesses, and it is not accomplished unconsciously. As we move out of the old paradigm, where the meaning of relationship has been diluted, I believe that much of the systems breakdowns happening are a direct result of the breakdown of relationships, both personally and professionally. You see, relationship is intertwined with every aspect of our life, including our business. It is the essence of creating consciously, and the quality of our professional results is a direct reflection of the quality of our relationships. When you are making choices creatively and consciously, you are more aware than ever of your power to create quality experiences for yourself and those around you. Identifying the Creative & Conscious Business For years, I have boldly stated my fierce belief that Conscious Creatives fill the most significant role for our society and where we’re headed. They are truly the leaders in the new paradigm, and we are seeing that leadership expressed through the tremendous growth of the Creative & Conscious business. So how do you know that you have a Creative & Conscious business? Do you want one? How do you build one? Now that you understand the context of what is happening in the environment and your place in it, let’s look at some of the qualities that characterize the Creative & Conscious business. You need to have both the Creative and the Conscious present in your business to succeed in this new paradigm. First, you want to be Conscious about what’s happening in and around you and your business. It takes great courage to be aware and Conscious when you’re looking at your situation straight on, and challenge the assumptions and limiting beliefs that have up until now, held such a tight grip on you. It is often said that the radio is playing, whether you’re tuned in or not. When you have the discipline to develop the faculty of "tuning" in, you are rewarded big. The Creative piece is the active piece, and it is the Creative instinct that unlocks your potential. Many Conscious business owners will go very deep into the reflective states, and do not take the proportionate or right action necessary to create new results. Consider for a moment the essence of creating. It is doing. If you are not in action, you’re not really creating. It’s important to be connected to "why" you are doing what you are doing though. Creative business owners can make the mistake of "doing" unconsciously, and this does not work either. The key is to develop both your Creative and Conscious faculties, and to have them work in partnership. It’s very much like the breath in and the breath out. One does not work without the other. You are now more Conscious than you were when you started reading this report, because you have the context of what’s happening in the bigger picture, and you’re ready to Creatively discover how your business uniquely fits into that context. Copyright (c) 2009 Kathy Esper 相关的主题文章: