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UnCategorized A career in human resources can be demanding and sometimes difficult, but most people find it incredibly lucrative and very fulfilling. Those who work in HR often perform duties similar to those of managers or directors, and most careers will provide ample room to grow. There are a wide variety of jobs in the field, meaning the educational requirements for these positions are varied. Not everyone will be in management; some will work in lower ranked but related positions. However, one of the great things about this field is that it is always possible to start with a lower level position and work up to the top. While it is possible to obtain an entry level HR position without a college degree, most employers will want these positions filled by those with at least a bachelor’s degree. More demanding jobs will require individuals to have specifically studied or majored in human resources, industrial and labor relations, business administration, or personnel administration. Others will simply want some type of business or liberal arts background. In most cases, however, it is not the subject of the degree that matters, but the fact that the individual has obtained a college degree in the first place. This shows prospective employers that a person is able to finish what he or she starts. In addition to a degree, employers will want individuals who appear friendly, easygoing, and who are able to .municate effectively, both orally and through the written word. Some jobs will even require more advanced degrees from the applicant. General and top management positions are easier to get if the potential worker has a master’s degree in any business field or in human resources or labor relations specifically. If the applicant does not possess an advanced degree, it is still possible to climb to the top. If workers choose an entry level position at a .pany that hires from within, it is .pletely possible, through consistent hard work and dedication, to get to the highest ranked HR positions in the .pany. A degree can make this transition easier and can result in a higher salary, but it is not an absolute necessity. In fact, some argue that experience in the human resources field, which can only be obtained by actually working several positions within the field, is much more important than education. Many employers will appreciate a college degree but will be more impressed with past experience and work performance in the HR field. For those interested in making human resources a lifelong career, then, it is best to start early. Many people will continue working as they pursue or continue their educations. Whatever way a person gets into human resources, be it through education or a great deal of hard work, he or she can be sure of having a stable, well paying and enjoyable job that can provide tremendous opportunity for growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: