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Do you want to have an appointment? Sohu under the sunset fishing tourism mom Nanji said: when you were born, did not cry, staring at the upcoming timing blackout lighting, you see, now the vision is so good! Dad said: your school age, little brother with no one, every day to earn 5 cents in condensed milk cans, now learn to do business! Brother said: you are the boss at home, are you doing heavy work, now so short! I remember, in a fire stick Ao beach when the tide rises, in order to wade across the sea to play on the beach, almost drowned and learned to swim; I only remember, and "Xu Malaysian bar", "stool", several students paddled the boat through the door to the outer islands as Nanji, catch more the fish, which was the evening storm struck, almost back to the shore; I only remember, climbed into bed, the mother carefully collection of rare yellow Xiagan ate. Has been accompanied by wind, waves, sea to 16 years old, my father and mother sent me to the mainland in the county of reading, I have never really had a waiting for the legend of the sunset, never meet a drunk dusk. Since growing up, every time the feeling is not the same in Nanji, every scene because memories become better and better. Once the dawn into the sunrise, once the dark into evening, once the net became mugui. Once naive, now always melancholy and moody late. You can see it from the sky gradually closer to the back, carrying the sunset; the way to pursue the seagull, and a song; playing figure and the young suntanned face, so that the flow Xia harmony; the horizon and the gilded surface, the original is the memory of the most beautiful picture, never lingering it. In the twilight, sand Australia, about more than and 10 minutes walk to the back of the Matsu Ao sand australia. Here is a small beach, fishing pier, seagull chasing late fishing boats, singing all the way, quite artistic conception. If the character is good, the gorgeous sunset will fall from the sea, sky caixia. Summer sunset time is about 18:00. Two all photography people recognized scenic spots: sand Australia to the new terminal side of the road around the island, or sand Australia to the headquarters on the corner of the Matsu Ao road. My childhood buddies, you are not too deep?相关的主题文章: