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Beauty People are not really aware about the healing .ponents of the Dead Sea which has been in famous for years now. Its richness in minerals and salt content like bromine, potassium, calcium and magnesium made it a wonder for a lot of people. Dead Sea has been a source of various minerals and ingredients meant for skin care. Most of the minerals that can be found in the water of the sea have the capacity to make the skin supple and soother too even inflamed skin. The minerals in the Dead Sea are very famous and they are known as Dead Sea cosmetics. The importance There was chemical analysis made using Dead Sea water in 1772 proving that calcium and magnesium content of the sea is really high. On the other hand, the Dead Sea mud is also rich in mineral so you will often sea various skin care products and Dead Sea cosmetics that contain Dead Sea mud. Those who are looking for possible solution to their skin problems like atopic dermatitis & psoriasis always look for Dead Sea cosmetics or find resorts around the Dead Sea according to the analysis made by experts. The anti-inflammatory properties of Dead Sea cosmetics The mineral properties of the Dead Sea have been helpful in the treatment of inflammatory ailments and itchiness of the skin such as psoriasis. People who were treated using cosmetics .ing from Dead Sea showed some improvement especially those who were said to bathe the water of the Dead Sea. The magnesium content of the sea is said to be one of the primary minerals that was said to bind to water and constrain cells in the body that contribute to allergic reactions of the body. Its soothing effect came from the anti- inflammatory property of the Dead Sea mineral magnesium. Dead Sea Cosmetics and its Smoothing Effect The minerals from the Dead Sea like magnesium can help in boosting the moisture in the body and it helps in easing dry skin too. those who have dry skin will surely experience smoother feel and well hydrated skin as well after using a product with around 5% of Dead Sea Water mixed with the Dead Sea Cosmetics. If you are to use only 1% of the mineral .ponent .ing from the Dead Sea 2x a day, you will feel that the roughness of your skin will be lessened and it will also disappear after 1 month. Dead Sea minerals also contain anti-bacterial elements that can be used in masks and as spa treatments as well. The Dead Sea mud can also help in eradicating black marks from pimples and acne breakout as well probably because of the high salt and high sulfide content of the mud as well .ing from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea water is truly a source of so many formulas and its among the best natural wonders on earth too. Do you know that the water of Dead Sea is also known as the greatest natural spa in the world? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: