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Health Many of today’s health foods loose their benefits while being processed and mutated for production. Many of today’s .mon health foods are genetically altered so they will ripen earlier, are disease resistant, and can survive transport to market without spoiling. This processing and genetic manipulation dilutes the original benefits. Not so with cranberries. Cranberries naturally grow in swamps making them naturally hardy and resistant to disease. They are a tart berry, so they do not spoil when packed into crates and shipped to the processing plant. Cranberries contain both vitamin C and cancer preventing antioxidants, in fact, cranberries one of the top ten antioxidant-dense foods available to Americans. Antioxidants work by stabilizing free radicals that cause cell damage, leading to heart disease and cancer. Most people do not realize that the body can make its own antioxidants. However, stress diminishes the body’s ability to do so. The need for supplemented antioxidants is greater than ever before. Today’s high stress environment has created a devastating 80% increase in stress related diseases. The antioxidants in cranberries contain a type of antioxidant called flavonoids (aka phenols). These lower bad cholesterol and fight atherosclerosis. Cranberries also contain proanthocyanidins (aka PACs or .pressed tannins). These keep harmful bacteria from adhering to cells and teeth. Dr. Amy Howell of Rutgers University gas .pleted research into the PACs in the cranberries and how they account for cranberries unmatched ability to prevent and cure urinary tract infections. Other research makes claims that cranberries help reduce plaque, and prevent H. pylori from attaching to the lining of the stomach. The H. pylori cause ulcers that are linked to gastric conditions, including stomach cancer. Many of today’s ulcers are caused by bacteria in the stomach. Research that studies the effects of natural garlic on stomach ulcers is plentiful. However, research is scares when it .es to cranberries ability to mimic garlic’s anti-biotic traits and reduce H pylori. This does not minimize the fact that there are countless testimonials from people who have found relief from stomach problems after including cranberries to their diet. Current research suggests that cranberries prevent viral infections, asthma, and neurological effects of aging like memory loss and coordination decline. The National Institutes of Health include cranberries as part of the Center for .plementary and Alternative Medicine’s research into the medicinal value of food and supplements. The important thing to remember about cranberries is that it is not a pharmaceutical drug. It does not cover symptoms but it works to reduce and heal them. This means that you cannot drink one or two glasses and find relief from symptoms. In many cases, the disease and symptoms may be caused by years of neglect and abuse on the body. This cannot be undone in a few days, or even weeks. Cranberries need to be.e a part of a person’s everyday diet. Only over time can people find consistent relieve and even reversal of the symptoms. Unlike many health foods, it is safe to drink as much cranberry juice as possible. Of course, stewing natural cranberries and using them in cooking and juice should produce the quickest results. The best .mercial product is to get the nectar from a health food store and use it in cooking, or dilute it into a juice. One warning, always consult a physician to make sure the symptoms are not caused by something more serious before trusting symptoms and their relief to cranberries. About the Author: – – – Nutrition is an essential element of everyone’s life. Nutrition includes eating and drinking correctly to maximize physical fitness of your body and enhance your overall wellness level. Tags: nutrition tips achieve healthy life – – – Have you’ve made a strong and scary decision to lose 10 pounds and you’re doing it for better wellness and more confidence … both you can obtain from dropping additional weight. Y … – – – – 相关的主题文章: