Controlling Acne Through

Medicine Acne is a widespread illness, which not only teenagers suffer from but also adults and it can be a very traumatic condition depending on its severity. Acne is caused by certain glands that block up hair follicles and pores, and then bacteria begin to form. This of course results pimples and sometimes they can be boil like in appearance and we all know that they can leave scars. The occurrence of acne is not fully understood yet but some factors seem to .e in to play, such as heredity. This is thought to be because families share the same hair types or it may be they share the same overactive Sebaceous glands. Hormones are another culprit, teenagers may seem to have more of a problem with acne do to hormone changes. Medications, especially steroids, have a link to acne as well. Due to the physical unattractiveness acne can leave more than just unsightly scars but can also scar the ego mostly in adolescents. We all are aware how teenagers feel that physical appearance is so important. Acne can leave emotional scars such as depression and feelings of isolation from their peers which will result in low self esteem. Adolescence is a time of self discovery, and if you discover that you are not as attractive as others this can lead to adverse psychological problems and can affect you for years to .e. There is a misunderstanding of what causes acne, most people, especially young people (hence the low self esteem) still believe it is caused by unsanitary hygiene. But it is not something that is cured by washing it away, the causes are much deeper than that. The root of acne is below the skin surface so having acne doesn’t mean that you are not a clean person. Acne is an infection caused by bacteria from the blocked hair follicles and since it is caused below the skin surface antibiotics can be very useful in controlling acne. Also the use of antibacterial treatments is helpful. When the acne appears on the skin surface is when most people begin to treat it. You may not know this by aromatherapy has many benefits in controlling acne. There are many topical chemical treatments out there for acne but sometimes they can have unwanted side effects like red, sore skin areas or flaking and then sometimes they just out right don’t work well. Certain natural plants and herbs have been proven to have many beneficial effects with topical use. In aromatherapy one of the best treatments is tea tree oil because it is a natural antiseptic You may want to give this all natural and effective recipe a try: – One ounce of tea tree oil – One ounce of apricot oil with ten drop of lavender – Seven drops of tea tree oil – One drop of geranium oil Mix them together thoroughly and place in an amber colored receptacle. It will feel very nice on your skin and smell good too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: