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Travel-and-Leisure Two of the southernmost states of India make great tourist destinations. One of them, Kerala is located on the coast of Arabian Sea while the other Tamil Nadu is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Touring from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal moving through the choice locations of two of the southernmost states and great tourist destinations of India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu could be an experience that no visitor will quickly forget. While both are South Indian States and have things in .mon, they also have their respective unique features that make them favored destinations of tourists all over the world.   .mon Heritage and Difference of Culture   In fact the two states have .mon South Indian heritage but two different cultures altogether. In Tamil Nadu the people speak Tamil while in Kerala they speak Malayalam language. Social customs, traditions, life leading, and cultural features vary widely in these two neighboring states of India. One .mon feature is that both are great trading centers and two of India’s best sea ports are located in these two states, Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Cochin in Kerala.   Unique Features of Kerala Tours   Kerala, among others is famous for its backwaters. God’s own country as it is popularly called is well known for the Kerala backwater tour. In fact; the backwaters in Kerala is the favored destination of many visitors, especially the honeymooning couple. People are hospitable and great ac.modation as well as transport facilities is available in the state. People would also like to explore the countryside, hills stations, and beaches in Kerala besides spending a couple of exotic nights in the house boats.   Other Attractions in Kerala   It is not only the backwater or the beaches in Kerala that makes it favored destination of tourists and travelers. There are various others as well. One of the greatest attractions is Kerala Ayurveda tour which is availed by many people ailing with different health problems from all over the world. Other one is the temple tours of Kerala including Sabrimala and many others that serve as a pilgrimage for the people of the state and visitors. In essence; a Kerala tour offers something for every type of visitor irrespective of their age, ethnicity, and status.   Tamil Nadu Tour   Not any way behind is Tamil Nadu that is also the second most favored destination of tourists and travelers to India. Like Kerala; Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer including breathtaking hill stations; shinning golden beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, a series of pilgrim locations and great architectural monuments and temples, excellent delicacies, and high levels of hospitality. All these have made Tamil Nadu tourism flourish and be.e the second on the tourism map of India with an amazing 16% annual growth rate. Visitors can move from the Kovalam beach and coast of Arabian Sea visiting temples, wild life sanctuaries, and historical monuments to Tamil Nadu and visit the conglomeration of the Arabian Sea with the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean in Kanyakumarika. It could also be a trip to South Indian hill stations from Munnar in Kerala to Ooty in Tamil Nadu. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: