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Chinese into Spanish football China audiences will be able to watch "Shanghai Derby" – Beijing Reference News Network October 28 daily Road West media said, "premium" and "Asia" has become the twenty-first Century football two new expressions, which reflected the traditions and habits in the face of economic interests is gradually losing ground. This change for example in emerging markets like a trend which cannot be halted, Spain’s top league is to attract China so powerful is very interested, more and more China capital is entering the League of spain. According to the Spanish "ABC News" reported on October 26th, November 6th, the Spanish League B Ba will usher in the "Shanghai Derby" in the new hole of Murcia Province, the stadium, the two warring sides is from the province of Lorca club and Jumilla club, the new owners of both clubs are from Shanghai Chinese marshal Xu Genbao and by two football commentator composition of the Spanish Football League commentary "happy combination of spanish". The game will be broadcast live in China, is expected to attract more than 300 million viewers. "Well known characteristics of La Liga more joy" Tang Hui and Li Xiang of Spanish football, because from years ago they started through a number of online video platform that La Liga matches, has a large number of fans". This summer, "the Spanish joy" and the Spanish real estate Reuben? Iglesias to buy the Jumilla club due to severe financial problems on the verge of disappearing, has also started its investment in overseas football official. "When I offered them the idea, they were a little bit surprised, but they responded quickly, and we started to move, and we finally managed to complete the acquisition." Reuben – Iglesias said. The earliest businessmen from Madrid had set up a special team of germination to attract Chinese market interest in the idea, he served as chairman of the Jumilla club, "the Spanish joy and more vice chairman. He said, there are 11 media determined to go to the new condominas stadium live coverage of the game, the 5 channel will provide broadcast platform. Which only as a music has 300 million of the potential audience. Reported that this is a staggering figure, because even at the weekend, Jumilla club in their home court can only be attracted 800 fans. "The game is beyond the scope of football. In Chinese, many eyes are on the new condominas course of the collision, the match of the Murcia region will play a role in promoting." Iglesias said. However, China’s landing in Murcia began in the summer of 2015. China’s 72 year old marshal Xu Genbao became president of Lorca football club has become a hot news media reported at the time Chinese. Reported that Iglesias said, to ignite the enthusiasm of the fans, game tickets in November 6th will be free, the audience will also get a lot of small gifts, and will invite many people to watch "heavyweight". (compile Han Chao)相关的主题文章: