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Summers have taken a toll on us and are making us sweat profusely, dehydrating us, and minimizing our efficiency. However getting a window, split or central air conditioner for your house can improve things this season to fight off this heat. So here are a few things which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing a new air conditioning system are: 1) Learning about requirements or cost. Having a load calculation by certified HVAC & R engineer to determine the size and type of AC you need to purchase. 2) Cost of installation: The larger is the unit product more cost is required for installation. 3) Maintenance and cleaning Schedules: regular maintenance or AC Service at timely intervals to make sure AC is working perfectly fine. 4) Get to know your product requirements: like it has low noise level, climate control facility, saving money on electricity bills. Types of air conditioners available in the market are: Split air conditioner also called the ductless air conditioner which do not require ducts and are more energy efficient also helps solve energy and money issues. Split air conditioners are easy to install and use, long lasting and provides ability to create different temperature control zone within the house. Window air conditioner Window air conditioner are easy to install into a window but it has few downsides like uneven cooling , lower range of cooling , little noisy. Portable air conditioner Portable Air Conditioners can be moved from one room to another although they are not as easy to move as the name suggests. They are noisy, cool limited area and since they do not have outdoor outlets like other units it may result in condensation on the windows. Central air conditioner Central Air conditioners/ Central AC can cool entire office or house at once and most effectively. Although it is most expensive air conditioning option available it requires ducts to deliver chilled air .It is less energy efficient and may be hard for the pocket to bear such expenses. While .paring air conditioners it is important to keep in mind such things as the cost, energy efficiency, durability, warranty, and whether it meets our needs. Another important aspect of home ac is Demystification. Many dehumidifiers are available in the market to remove humidity from the atmosphere. Excessive humidity makes us sweat excessively, make us feel extremely un.fortable, disturb sleeping or prevent clothes from drying. Excess of water called condensate is produced by dehumidifiers which is removed by conditioned air and is disposed off. Industrial Climatic chambers require usage of dehumidifiers to maintain humidity and levels of humidity required for processing of products. Industrial usages of Dehumidifiers: Research & Development /Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Server Rooms Packaging and storage Temperature maintenance in archives Tablet .pression and capsule filling Formulation of product and development Analysis and testing of product also need dehumidified environment. Hospitals Dehumidifiers are very much necessary in Operation theaters for keeping laser machines protected from humidity cat labs Dehumidifiers are also used in MRI and scanning machines. Food and Beverages Dehumidifiers are used in Packaging of snacks of dry nature packaging of mixed powders processing of dry fruits and dry spices raw material storage Chocolate panning. Hotels and Corporate Houses: Dehumidifiers are used in server rooms kitchen and spaces meant for storage Telephone rooms dry carpets and linens to control growth of mould and mildew. 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