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Ministry of Public Security lost identity card invalid immediately will build fraudulent use spyair

The Ministry of Public Security: the lost or stolen identity cards will be built using instant failure   blacklist – Shaanxi Channel – original title: the Ministry of Public Security: the lost or stolen identity cards will be built using instant failure blacklist Beijing morning news reporter learned yesterday from the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security has built resident identity card information system failure and recently on-line test run. The information system has the function of real-time data updating and dynamic maintenance. Through the verification of social certification departments and units online, all the lost and stolen resident ID cards will be invalid immediately and can not be used in the society. The system will provide social certification departments after the pilot of the bank, and check with the existing citizen identity information system. Yesterday, Huang Ming, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice minister of the Ministry of public security, visited the branch of Beijing branch of Bank of China to investigate and implement the announcement of the 8 departments jointly issued on the regulation of the use and administration of resident identity cards. Huang Ming watched the scene’s bank window personnel to carry out the consistency check work flow, and asked in detail about the specification on the identity card. Huang Ming also asked the relevant departments of the Ministry of public security to speed up the system docking services with banks and other certification departments, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of verification work. And stressed that create safety norms of the identity card of social credit environment, various departments and units is the key step to enhance the implementation of norms of the system, perform witness consistency check responsibility according to the law, effectively prevent the fraudulent use of identity cards act. Huang Ming said that the establishment of failure of resident identity card information system is the Ministry of public security, adhere to the problem oriented, respond to social concerns, and launched a service of the masses, to ensure that the use of identity card security measures, will provide an important adjunct to implement resident certificate verification of identity responsibility for social credit departments and units. The information system has the function of real-time data updating and dynamic maintenance. Through the verification of social certification departments and units online, all the lost and stolen resident ID cards will be invalid immediately and can not be used in the society. Huang Ming said that in recent years, the Ministry of public security for organizations to carry out rectification, efforts to solve the wrong account ID false problem, in the country to start a comprehensive identity card registration fingerprint, to promote social credit departments and units to implement the verification responsibility verification network construction identity card information system failure and citizen identity information system, form the security of the identity card of the closed-loop service management. The next step, the Ministry of public security will further deepen the linkage mechanism and social sector card, fraudulent use of identity establishment personnel blacklist system, increase the use of illegal and criminal acts against the crackdown, the sound of witness does not fulfill the consistency verification responsibilities of credit unit accountability, strengthen the security of personal information of citizens protection, and earnestly safeguard citizens the legitimate rights and interests. At the same time, the public security organs also remind the masses, to enhance the identity security protection consciousness, once lost, stolen in the nearest place to declare the loss as soon as possible to apply for a new license, the expiration time to apply for a new card and return the old card effectively. The resident ID card which registers the fingerprint information can effectively prevent the fraudulent use of other people’s identity cards, and the masses can go to the public security organs for registering the fingerprint information of the resident identity card at any time. (reporter He Xin) () 公安部:丢失被盗身份证即时失效 将建冒用者黑名单–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:公安部:丢失被盗身份证即时失效 将建冒用者黑名单 北京晨报记者昨天从公安部获悉,公安部已建成失效居民身份证信息系统并于近日上线试运行。该信息系统具备数据实时更新和动态维护功能,通过社会各用证部门和单位联网核查,实现所有丢失、被盗居民身份证即时失效,无法在社会上继续使用。该系统将在银行试点后提供社会各用证部门,与现有的公民身份信息系统进行联网核查。 昨天,公安部党委副书记、副部长黄明走访中国银行北京分行营业网点,调研贯彻落实8部门联合发布的《关于规范居民身份证使用管理的公告》情况。黄明现场观摩了银行窗口人员开展人证一致性核查的工作流程,并详细询问了规范居民身份证使用的有关情况。黄明同时要求公安部有关部门要加快与银行等用证部门的系统对接服务工作,提高核查工作的效率和准确性。并强调,营造安全规范的居民身份证使用环境,社会各用证部门和单位是关键环节,要提升制度规范的执行力,依法履行人证一致性核查责任,有效防止身份证被冒用行为。 黄明表示,建立失效居民身份证信息系统,是公安部坚持问题导向、回应社会关切,推出的又一项服务广大群众、确保居民身份证使用安全的改革措施,将为社会用证部门和单位落实居民身份证核查责任提供重要的辅助手段。该信息系统具备数据实时更新和动态维护功能,通过社会各用证部门和单位联网核查,实现所有丢失、被盗居民身份证即时失效,无法在社会上继续使用。 黄明称,近年来,公安部持续组织开展清理整顿、着力解决户口身份证错重假问题,在全国范围内全面启动居民身份证登记指纹工作,推动社会用证部门和单位落实核查责任,建设失效居民身份证信息系统与公民身份信息系统联网核查,形成了对居民身份证安全使用的闭环式服务管理。 下一步,公安部将进一步深化与社会各用证部门的联动机制,建立冒用身份证人员黑名单制度,加大对冒用违法犯罪行为的防范打击力度,健全对不履行人证一致性核查责任用证单位的责任追究,强化公民个人信息安全保护,切实维护公民的合法权益。 与此同时,公安机关也提醒广大群众,要增强身份证安全保护意识,一旦发现丢失、被盗及时就近就地申报挂失并尽快补领新证,有效期满及时换领新证并交回旧证。登记指纹信息的居民身份证可以有效防止被他人冒用,群众可随时到公安机关办理登记指纹信息的居民身份证。(记者 何欣) (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章:

His wife was suffering from global rare incurable disease remain unconscious husband never abandon a

His wife was suffering from global rare incurable disease remain unconscious husband Xu Ying never abandon the miracle 35 years old Xiaoshan Xiao Xu said he may not be a good husband, his wife bought the most expensive clothes less than two thousand yuan; 5 years of marriage without a wedding anniversary…… In the past two years, he is always waiting in the coma of his wife until she regained her from the age of one or two until the child intelligence levels returned to normal adults…… "Well, she can do Taobao now."." Xiao Xu said, summed up by Fu Yuanhui’s words, "in the past two years," ghosts know what he has experienced". Rare encephalitis sudden, global cases less than three digits, in March 8, 2014, everyone’s mobile phone is Malaysia Airlines lost news. "It looks like it’s going to happen."." Watching the news, Xiao Xu was whispering, he now in retrospect, it is a prophecy. After a while, the wife sent WeChat, "big event, you run quickly."." Xiao Xu hurried to his wife’s unit and found something wrong at first sight. His wife Xiao Hou sit in a chair, eyes without a look, "a calm, while crying at that, the people like to be out." Xiao Xu took his wife home, she later said, while twitching. When facing Xiao Xu, there is only one word of concern: "to do great things, you run quickly."." After the doctor’s diagnosis, Xiao Hou is suffering from "anti NMDAR encephalitis, Zhejiang University Hospital neurology department deputy chief physician Wang Kang said, this is an extremely rare encephalitis, early 2014 cases reported about two or three cases of the world, and Xiao Hou may be diagnosed the earliest in Zhejiang. It’s actually a kind of immune encephalitis. Because the body produces an antibody called NMDAR that attacks the brain neurons and causes the disease. Zhejiang University hospital gynecology director Qian Jianhua said, the hospital was carried out four times more than the MDT Department expert consultation, can always choose a dilemma if the operation, taking a great risk of the occupation; if not, only watched the small Hou toslideintotheabyss. Wife coma two years, he was a father and mother, also designed a small trick for children, finally, the operation is still going smoothly. I did not expect that, after the operation of small Hou although convulsions reduced, but remain unconscious. And a coma is two years, when their children only 1 and a half years, Xu Xu not only to work, but also to bring children, but also to care for lying in bed of his wife. In order to reduce the impact on children, he thought of a way, every time to see Aunt generation friends, colleagues, let his son called "Mom."". Can the child for the mother’s dependence, and will not be such a small Xu carefully designed tricks have subsided, "asked his mother that he would say, my mother in the hospital, he still know." In addition, the economic pressure is not in every hour and moment required for drug rehabilitation, the price is expensive, more than two years, Xu Hua’s four million medical expenses a lot is borrowed from relatives and friends. Dr. Wang Kang said that foreign studies suggest that the recovery of this rare encephalitis is the longest two years, otherwise it will leave serious sequelae. Recovery schedule Xiao Hou is very slow, the patient confidence in doctors and family members have brought great challenges, once there are anxiety, but you still.

妻子患全球罕见绝症昏迷不醒 丈夫不离不弃迎奇迹小徐35岁的萧山人小徐说自己也许并不算是一个好丈夫——为妻子买过最贵的衣服还不到两千元;结婚5年没过一次结婚纪念日……可在过去的两年多时间里,他始终守候在昏迷的妻子身边,直到她苏醒,直到她从一两岁孩子智力水平恢复到正常的成年人……“嗯,她现在都能淘宝了。”小徐说,套用傅园慧的话总结,这两年里“鬼知道他经历了什么”。罕见的脑炎突如其来全球病例还不到三位数2014年3月8日,每个人的手机都是马航失联的新闻。“看来真要出事情了。”看完新闻,小徐当时嘀咕了一句,现在的他回想起来,真是一语成谶。没一会儿,妻子发来微信,“要出大事了,你快跑。”小徐急忙赶到了妻子单位,第一眼就发现不对劲。妻子小侯呆坐在椅子上,眼睛没有一点神采,“一会儿平静,一会儿就在那哭了,整个人就像被抽空了一样。”小徐把妻子接回家,可她一会儿骂骂咧咧,一会儿浑身抽搐。面对小徐的时候,只有一句尽显关切的话:“要出大事了,你快跑。”经过医生诊断,小侯患上的是“抗NMDAR脑炎”,浙大一院神经内科副主任医师王康说,这是一种极其罕见的脑炎,2014年初全球病例大约报道两三百例,而小侯可能是浙江最早的确诊患者。这其实是一种免疫性脑炎。因为体内产生了一种叫NMDAR的抗体,攻击大脑神经元而致病。浙大一院妇科主任钱建华说,医院当时进行了四次多科室专家的MDT会诊,可始终选择两难——如果手术,要冒着极大的职业风险;如果不做,只能眼睁睁看着小侯滑入深渊。妻子昏迷两年,他当爹又当妈还为孩子精心设计了小骗局最终,手术还是顺利进行了。可没想到,手术后小侯虽然抽搐减少,但却昏迷不醒。而且一昏迷就是两年,那时候他们的孩子只有1岁半,小徐既要工作,又要带孩子,还得照顾躺在病床上的妻子。为了减少对孩子的影响,他想了一个办法,每次见到阿姨辈的朋友、同事,都让儿子叫“妈妈”。可孩子对于母亲的依赖,并不会被小徐这样精心设计的小伎俩所消退,“别人问他妈妈在那,他会说我妈妈在医院里,他还是知道的。”另外,经济上的压力也无时无刻不在,康复治疗所需的药品价格昂贵,两年多时间里,小徐花的四五十万元医药费好多是从亲戚朋友那里借来的。王康医生说,国外有研究认为这种罕见脑炎的恢复时间最长两年,否则会留下严重的后遗症。可小侯的恢复进度很慢,这对家属和医生的耐心信心都带来了极大的考验,一度都出现了焦虑的情绪,但大家仍然相信会有奇迹。两年的等待终于迎来奇迹清醒后的第一个动作是噘嘴奇迹果然出现了。“我已经记不得那是哪一天了。”小徐说,他只知道这是2015年10月的某天,他像往常一样坐在妻子的床边,拿出儿子的照片,“你看看,这是谁?”病床上的妻子第一次睁了睁眼,嘴巴撅了起来,努力做出“chou”的口型,看得出来,她是想喊出儿子的小名“臭臭”。这是两年来,小侯第一次对外界刺激有了主动反应。小徐的生活终于被这一次睁眼,这一次噘嘴,觉得看到了希望。每天,小侯都在逐步恢复,活动手脚、听懂指令……到了今年3月出院时,她的智力已经和3岁的孩子差不多了。回家之后,小侯恢复得更迅速,不到半年,身体和智力已经和发病前一样了。之前的记忆,小侯也没有忘记,医学的奇迹在她身上体现得淋漓尽致。前几天,小徐带着小侯回到浙大一院复查,这是他在医院里最开心的一天。“之前经过这条走廊,都是她躺在病床上,被推送到其他地方去检查,这一次我就拉着她的手,大大方方开开心心地走了一遍。”他停顿了一下,又向记者说“就像遛狗一样。”说完,小徐哈哈笑了起来。相关的主题文章:

Wednesday’s game 011 analysis Farewell to Germany

On Wednesday 011 SMG analysis: Pig war Germany win gift farewell Wednesday 011 international tournament in Germany VS Finland 2016-09-01 02:45: 13 degree weather sunny situation: the German team in Germany this summer’s European Cup performance is acceptable, group phase 2 wins 1 flat unbeaten promotion, the first round of the playoffs three balls to win in Slovakia, 1/4 finals on penalty kicks out of the old although stop rivals Italy in the semi-finals to host the French team in front of him, but for one of the new old alternate Germany team, this achievement is not easy, the European Cup after coach Loew to stay on, the training list, little overall change in the team, Hummel J, Hoewedes and Mustafi worked in the European Cup players selected again, and the midfield, and Khedira and Mesut Ozil cross schurrle all included Brent Hollander, the striker, and others are familiar faces, very familiar with the situation between the players, the German team without running, but the game was the veteran midfielder Schweinsteiger’s farewell game, believe that Germany will with a victory for the national team career perfect end. Finland situation: Finland’s strength is mediocre, the team has been away from the intercontinental competition for many years, in last year’s European Cup, the Finland team won only 3 wins 3 flat 4 negative, including in the Faroe Islands who got two victories, fighting is not trustworthy, but after entering in 2016, Finland participated in the team 6 warm-up matches, only 1 flat 5 negative achievements, during the 5 game opponent was zero closure, averaging up to 2.33, the offense is too weak, after this visit against the powerful Its loopholes appeared one after another., the German tanks, the team to fight back. One track: two teams twice recently clash race record, the German team twice and rival tie. The game analysis of SMG: let the ball Shengping Fu played out Lord let two ball pattern, to reflect the home team advantage, German team in Finland, the training team has also recruited most of the main players, the game is still visible to more attention, the disc to the Lord let the ball half ball water started. The plate water level decline sharply by injection, having many companies rise disk main let two ball pattern, and the scale trend is consistent, his company very mainstream compensate data aggregation, positive transition should belong to the advantage of the move, the game victory over the German team on hand, SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played his radio advice.

周三竞彩011分析:小猪告别战 德国赢球献礼周三011 国际赛 德国VS芬兰 2016-09-01 02:45 天气:13度 晴天 德国近况: 德国队在今年夏天的欧洲杯中表现尚可,小组赛2胜1平不败晋级,淘汰赛首轮三球完胜斯洛伐克,四分之一决赛依靠点球大战淘汰老对手意大利,虽然在半决赛中止步于东道主法国队身前,但是对于这支处于新老交替的德国队来说,这个成绩也较为不易,欧洲杯过后,主帅勒夫得以留任,本次集训名单,球队的整体变动不大,胡梅尔斯、赫韦德斯和穆斯塔菲等一干参加了欧洲杯的球员再度入选,而中场方面克罗斯、厄齐尔和赫迪拉以及许尔勒悉数入选,前锋线上的布兰特、霍兰德等人也都是熟悉面孔,球员彼此之间十分熟悉的情况下,德国队无需磨合,而且本场比赛是中场老将施魏因斯泰格的告别之战,相信德国队会用一场胜利来为其国家队生涯划上完美的句号。 芬兰近况: 芬兰队的实力较为平庸,球队已经阔别洲际大赛多年,在去年的欧洲杯预选赛中,芬兰队仅仅取得3胜3平4负的成绩,其中在法罗群岛身上拿到两场胜利,战斗力不值得信赖,而且进入2016年后,芬兰队参加了6场热身赛,仅仅取得了1平5负的成绩,期间有5场比赛遭到对手零封,场均失球达到2.33个,进攻端过于疲软,后防漏洞百出,此番做客面对实力强大的德国战车,球队难有还手之力。 交锋往绩: 两队最近两次正式比赛交锋记录,德国队两次和对手打成平局。 比赛分析: 竞彩让球胜平负玩法开出主让两球的格局,中肯的体现了主队优势,德国队的实力远在芬兰之上,本次集训球队又招入大部分主力球员,可见对本场比赛还是较为重视,亚盘以主让球半 两球中水起步,受注后上盘水位急剧走低,后市多家公司升盘主让两球格局,和标盘走势一致,欧赔主流公司的主胜数据十分凝聚,此举应属主队优势的正向过渡,本场比赛看好德国队大胜对手,竞彩让球胜平负玩法建议单选主胜。相关的主题文章:

Drunk driving in Nanyang hit a pedestrian escape after a breastplate to lock it ca1816

Drunk driving in Nanyang hit a pedestrian escape after a breastplate to lock the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Li Jia Wu Shuqiang) recently, a drunk driver halfway home accident, Nanzhao police overnight investigation, only just over an hour to find the suspects escape, and determine its identity through the breastplate. In November 1st 0, Nanzhao County Chengguan new century avenue west occurred traffic accident cases, a double row seat of the van will be a pedestrian knocked down after the escape. The traffic police on duty that night Nanzhao Public Security Police Brigade accident Squadron, Cheng Jinyuan Zhang Yundong, Lin Jianling rushed to the scene after the alarm. At the scene of the investigation, the police picked up the headlights of the vehicle falling debris and other objects, and then according to the clues provided by witnesses, drove along the 207 National Road to catch up. Village road to Nanzhao County Jiaoxiang before, the police see the roadside parked a car, then stop for inspection, found no one inside the car, driving a "Nanzhao County X field construction team on Zengmou" badge. Look at the appearance of the car, see the headlights without shell, door glass broken, front bumper is broken incomplete, and the police in the scene to extract the debris of the car consistent. The police judge, the car is likely to be the vehicle, and the chest marked "Zengmou" is the driver of the car, the vehicle parked here, the driver will not go far. As a result, the police get off the road to search the two sides, just to find a person coming to the police car. The police loudly asked and called out the name of Zeng, and came to the subconscious "Er" a sound. Then, Zeng went to the police, confessed his hit and run process. Once said, he fled a distance after feeling wrong, so here to find people ready to surrender, see the chase after the police car, and then walked over. At present, Zeng has been under administrative detention by the police. (from Nandu morning paper)

南阳司机醉驾撞倒行人后逃逸 一枚胸牌将其锁定   本报讯(记者 李葭 通讯员 武书强) 近日,一醉酒司机回家中途肇事,南召交警连夜调查,仅用一个多小时就找到了逃逸嫌犯,并通过胸牌确定了其身份。   11月1日0时许,南召县城关新世纪大道西段发生一起交通肇事逃逸案件,一辆双排座小货车将一行人撞倒后逃逸。当夜值班的南召公安交警大队事故中队民警程金元、张运东、林建玲等接警后,火速赶往现场。   在勘察现场,民警提取了肇事车辆掉落的大灯外壳碎片等物,然后根据目击者提供的线索,驱车沿207国道追赶。追至南召县城郊乡前庄村路段时,民警见路边停有一车,遂停车进行检查,发现车内无人,驾驶位上有一个“南召县X场施工队,曾某”的胸牌。查看车辆外观,见车前大灯没外壳,车门玻璃破碎,前保险杠也破碎不全,与民警在现场提取到的车辆碎片一致。   民警判断,该车很可能就是肇事车辆,而胸牌上所标的“曾某”就是该车驾驶人,车辆停放此处,驾驶人不会走远。于是,民警下车沿路向两边搜寻,恰好发现一人正向警车走来。民警大声询问并叫出了曾某名字,来人下意识地“嗯”了一声。接着,曾某走向民警,承认了自己肇事逃逸的经过。曾某称,他逃了一段路程后感到不对劲儿,遂在这里找人准备投案,看到追来的警车后,便走了过来。目前,曾某已被警方行政拘留。   (来源 南都晨报)相关的主题文章:

Severe Fan Bingbing Su Yan egg white muscle behind the original rely on it hyuna

Badly behind Fan Bingbing makeup "egg white muscle" on its original lead: Fan Bingbing has been walking in "in the teeth of the storm Yan value, no work is not the makeup of the PO map into questioning the" pseudo makeup ", until" pool "to prove, and Mei want to ask, who else?! (source: OnlyLady woman chi) Fan Ye just before the micro-blog PO makeup photos Fan Ye just before the micro-blog PO makeup photos, said absolutely no makeup, when it does not work however, 99% people still makeup seckill, have wood has? Subsequently, the pseudo Su Yan label affixed. Fan Ye in the sun out of the sun until recently, Fan Ye in the sun out of the sun on the micro-blog, 360° show the ultimate skin. We also exclaimed good skin! This spray will finally speechless myself ~ Fan Ye "egg white muscle" PK Fan Bingbing Wu Lei and Fan Ye before the cooperation of "little Na Zha", has now become a little meat, and Fan Ye Yan value has not been time low, but more and more bright white. Fan Ye makeup and makeup is not a big gap between makeup and makeup is not a big gap, the skin is good enough, makeup is just icing on the cake. NO lose face ~ "egg white muscle" behind what? Fan Bingbing’s skin care tips so Fan Bingbing skincare tips became a recipe for the beauty of the girls chasing hard day and night ""! A variety of Fan Ye PO skin care products can not fall. Until the material exposed Fan Ye and the "big black" Li Chen went to the Taipei salon laser skin, then fire beauty salons! Fan Bingbing experience medical beauty was to take that experience was to take after the United States, Fan Bingbing generous admits to do "speckle" course, and afterwards also wrote: "with micro-blog on vacation in Taipei, met with a few friends, tasted snacks, also introduced by a friend to get a new technology beauty skills it is said that laser skin, can make skin more uniform Oh, may be useful for often makeup is really for me, life do speak ah." What is the laser skin? What is the role of laser skin? The laser is a laser beam with a laser into pure fine for some gun had more small laser beam, acting on the surface of the skin, the pigment particles will be crushed, and then through the activation of immune phagocytosis, be excluded, for good to solve the deep dermis spots and pigmentation. What is the role of laser skin? The effect of laser wavelength can be skin dermis deeply, stimulate collagen regeneration, toning and shrink pores to special effect can reduce the secretion of high quality, make skin, remove the old waste horny, improve microvascular, pock and other uneven skin color; also because the immune response can regulate the skin, so the effect of improvement and prevention of acne was also significant. Which are suitable to do the "laser skin"? Which are suitable to do the "laser skin"? Those who have dark skin, the face of some small spots of the crowd, "laser skin" effect will be better, but it is not suitable for chloasma crowd. Laser skin where do? It is worth mentioning that, HR Helena for the first time to join fully deserve the field of technology of cell therapy.相关的主题文章: