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AR XLOONG won the BOE technology ‘lead investor A round of financing + – Sohu technology obtained by following the early 2016 luxshare led tens of millions of RMB A round of financing, focusing on augmented reality, smart glasses products developed by Beijing science and technology limited company (abbreviation: Xiaolong Xiaolong technology; English: XLOONG) completed the latest round 50 million yuan + A round of financing, the financing by the BOE (BOE) group led. Xiaolong XLOONG founder and CEO history just said, in addition to the financing to provide sufficient capital for the sustainable development of the company, the most important is to accelerate the next generation of products in the market, Xiaolong XLOONG the next step will be to launch the world’s leading products AR. XLOONG founder & CEO Xiaolong technology; Shi Xiaogang, as everyone knows, Xiaolong XLOONG officially launched the first generation of consumer AR products — XLOONG smart glasses in July 16, AR smart glasses for this sport to create, in addition to its official website and Tmall mall in official sales, also vigorously develop the line for its agents sales of the line, as of press time ago, the volume of orders has reached thousands of vice. It is reported that the previous Xiaolong XLOONG and Lenovo also has a depth of strategic cooperation. In addition to the rapid production market in the aspect of AR technology and product strength, Xiaolong XLOONG carried out a strategic layout is already in the market channels. In addition, according to statistics, the company was founded in June 15 young companies — XLOONG Xiaolong technology, after a year of rapid development, in addition to the Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, or the national science and technology innovation achievements exhibition exhibitors in 12th Five-Year. Since the establishment of the year to complete the angels, A and A + three rounds of financing, valuation has reached hundreds of millions of yuan. Such a young domestic AR manufacturers, in the winter capital and current AR industry situation, can still get a round of financing, enough to see the capital side of technology, product and marketing team ‘, value recognition, and confidence in the future’. Xiaolong technology with hardware, and the algorithm of optical field in a number of core technology patents, team members mainly from HUAWEI, Lenovo, Microsoft and other well-known hardware and Internet Co, have strong ability of independent research and development, set up more than a year with leading products and technology, the strategic planning of great vision, innovation and technology the capability of rapid production, and achieved considerable market share and brand influence, the two generation of binocular holographic smart glasses will at the end of the year listed production. The current AR application scenario is not clear, not mature technology leads to a poor user experience, the market is still in a very early stage, jf17 will according to the above situation, in technology, breakthrough products and markets, provide various solutions. This financing will have the value and significance of strategic development of science and technology Xiaolong XLOONG. BOE Technology Group (BOE) is a semiconductor is the world’s leading display technology, products and service providers to the Internet of things technology, product and service provider transformation. Founded more than and 20 years ago, BOE (Jingdong)"相关的主题文章: