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The 8 man rotation Guangdong huge hidden long season this should be how to boil? Guangdong team with Yi Jianlian and Sloan brave, away to 8 points poise, 20 points under the reversal of Qingdao in the largest, the team in 4 consecutive wins after the track, still show good competitive force. But for the Guangdong team, the victory of the game has also left a lot of trouble, it is the team’s lineup is too weak. Throughout the game, the Guangdong team only maintained a rotation of 8, available at least has reached alarming proportions. The season has just begun to die with the main force, then with the deepening of the season, but the Guangdong team to go from here? The Guangdong away game against Qingdao, the team is playing thrilling, the situation in the field is full of twists and turns. Small game, the Guangdong team was trailing by as many as 20 points. But the key moment, Yi Jianlian and Sloan timely to help Guangdong team hoped won this game victory, won the victory of this thrilling comeback. But we re checking about this game, we can see very clearly, the Guangdong team on the pitch there is dead with the main phenomenon. In this game, the Guangdong team used only Sloan, Zhou Peng, and so on, and so on, and so on, the 8 players of the team, and so on, and so on, and so on, and the team of, such as the use of the players, such as Yi Jianlian, Yang Jinmeng, Ren Junfei, and so on. Sloan, Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng these three players, playing time is more than 40 minutes. Although the Guangdong team in the final by virtue of the strength of the advantage, and sheer tenacity, completed an exciting reversal. But Du Feng’s employment, the future development of the Guangdong team, no doubt will not play a useful role. CBA’s season is a long one, after 38 rounds of regular season battles and more important playoff games. Du Feng during the regular season, they did not dare to exercise bench players, but the death of the main players, this approach is likely to give the team to leave no small hidden dangers. This is the next journey for the Guangdong team, there is no benefit. Perhaps this is the face of the Qingdao team in the contest, the two sides played too tense and intense, which also makes Du Feng on the court to stabilize the main, dare not use the bench players. But the Guangdong team for the future, Du Feng not only uses a set of team play, must be in the game, more use of young players and the bench. This can not only make stronger lineup thickness of the Guangdong team, so that the main get more time to rest, and the future development of the team will also be quite beneficial. If in the regular season, excessive use of the main players, so that they too tired. Well, the Guangdong team in the playoffs, I am afraid it is difficult to make people feel optimistic. If Du Feng still has a champion’s heart, please use the rotation in the next game! (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: