Castello Blue Cheese The Name For Traditional Danish Blue Cheese -音羽かなで

Food-and-Drink Castello Blue Cheese is synonymous with certified, authentic traditional Danish Blue Cheese. This cheese variety by Castello, is aromatic with an hint of nuttiness to it. The traditionally made blue cheese includes marzipan which cuts through the sourdough giving the cheese a unique bite. The subtle bitterness is what sets the cheese apart from other cheese varieties. Once you get a taste of the soft bitterness of this cheese, it is very difficult to appreciate any other blue cheese variety. The taste lingers, .pelling you to replicate that strong flavor in most of your cheese dishes. Castello Blue Cheese: Unique and Authentic Among the several varieties of blue cheese that dot the world of gourmet cheeses, Castellos brand of Danish Blue Cheese remain unique. The characteristic soft bitterness of this cheese is created by the moldiness of the outer crust. This traditional blue cheese, unlike other cheeses, has a mouldy outer crust which gives it a subtle change – in taste, and in the variation, soft outer crunchiness over the softer and crumbly center. The blue veins are caused by a mould-type which is different from the typical mould-types used in the making of white cheeses. The characteristic of this bacteria-type is not only in the identifiable blue-colored veins but the bitterness in the cheese as well. Made by some of the best known of Danish blue cheese creameries, Castellos blue cheese is unique and authentic to the last bite. Hot Favorite: Castello Blue Cheese This variety of traditional Danish Blue cheese is a hot favorite of trendy restaurants and bars, especially celebrity Chef Micheal Symon. The Chef has vouches for the edgy taste of this blue cheese and identifies this cheese for its unique tangy, bite, besides its crumbliness. The blue cheese in the sliced or in wedge-form too has won several accolades by this master chef. The Danish Blue Cheese has its own unique taste and flavors which should ideally not be over.e by other foods. It is perfect with figs, olives, pears and nuts, besides berries, especially blueberries. If you are looking to pair this cheese with meat, then it would perfectly .plement Red meat, Beef and with a variety of Breads. The best bread .plementing traditional blue cheese by Castello is rye bread. There are a variety of ways where you can use this cheese type. The blue cheese spread, a specialty of castello, works wonderful on a sandwich made of grilled tomatoes and eggplant. The blue cheese is the perfect foil in a warm potato salad which includes green beans. The softness of the potato and soft-bitter creaminess of cheese, in the salad, is a treat to the palette and gentle in its flavors. Castello Blue Cheese is available in several varieties apart from the traditional Danish variety. This includes the Burger Blue and Extra Creamy Danish Blue varieties as well. Each of these varieties is bespoke cheese which is made from the best quality, regional produce. Traditional Danish Blue variety by Castello is European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: