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Home-and-Family Mattresses are not all sized along perfect standards. European and United States bed manufacturers use different size guidelines for each size of mattress, such as king, queen, full, twin. Mattress depth varies even more than size. Traditional top mattress are often not as tall as Euro top mattresses, and pillow tops often out size all the others. The general range of mattress depths runs from around 9 inches deep to 18 inches deep. This can make it difficult to find bedding that fits appropriately. The first thing to do is measure the depth, or height, of the mattress by itself. Usually, box springs are covered with bed skirts– decorative fabric "skirts" that go onto the box spring so as to both protect and hide it. Bed skirts are also often used to hide the underneath of the bed so that it may be used for storage. Because the box spring is likely hidden with a bed skirt (also called dust ruffles), the bedding needs only to fully cover the mattress. Once the depth is measured, consider how much bedding is wanted. Some people enjoy oversized duvets, while others prefer a more traditional fit. Keep in mind that too much extra bedding- that is sheets that are too big and duvets that are too long- can often make it difficult to move during sleep. If there is uncertainly, stick with a length and size that will lay across the top of the bed and fall down just over bottom edge of the mattress. Sheets and duvets are available in differing lengths to accommodate the taller mattresses of today. Many of these specially sized items will be labeled as fitting pillow top beds. That is a fine start, but there is a large range in depth even among pillow tops. Look for sheet sets that feature "deep pockets" to help fit taller cushions. Also, read the fine print on the package labels for information on the depth that the sheets are able to fit. Many manufacturers now print this information so it is readily available to consumers. The makers of duvets and quilts often size these covers differently from sheets. Bedding blankets generally come in sizes twin, full/queen, and king mattress. If the blanket is to cover a thicker bed, check the sizing carefully lest the cover is too short to cover fully. Full/Queen is a combination size that often is a bit large on a full size mattress but a bit small on queen sizes. This means that full/queen sizing is often too small for queen pillow tops. Because mattresses are getting taller, many bedding manufacturers have begun to offer oversized sizes. It is important to get the proper fit in order to maximize sleeping comfort and minimize disturbance. Of course, if the proper size cannot be found in stores or online, there are lots of ways to make the proper size cover at home. About the Author: Ortho Mattress Quality sleep slows the signs of aging, helps keep the mind sharp, and reduces stress. The purchase of a quality mattress is a vital investment in personal health. Ortho Mattress specializes in high quality, affordable, orthopedic mattresses and client education to ensure all customers a good night’s rest. Find a store at: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-and-Family 相关的主题文章: