-6 Japan and South Korea to jump over the island to beat Japan and South Korea to do a bad thing-midd-885

South Korea beat boom -6 leap islands of Japan and South Korea they do a bad thing for 23 days Chinese military enthusiasts in the online rumors of the so-called "China boom 6 planes flew over Dokdo", Xing Guangmei of the "Global Times" reporter said, this is what Chinese military It is sheer fiction., impossible without permission over his country’s airspace. In fact, South Korea Korean version of 22 news reports said: in the day (18 days) training, including 3 military aircraft air force China boom 6 strategic bombers, into the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone, through the Korea Strait (Korea Strait) sky, fly to the "Dokdo in northern air". (not "Dokdo", editor’s note) analysis Yonhap said, the PLA has been deployed against South Korea and thad and in the Diaoyu Islands territorial conflicts. South Korea, "Asian daily" said, "China recent media mobilization, will put pressure on the climax of Sade, South Korean scholars believe that there is a possibility Chinese to enter the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone or the West Sea area in South Korea dispatched warships force demonstrations. "Global Times" reporter 23, 6 aircraft failed to China detonation "fly to Dokdo over the northern part of a China confirmed the Ministry of defense and the Japanese Ministry of defense. An unnamed military sources on the 23 day of the "Global Times" reporter said, the East China Sea Fleet naval fleet to the sea of Japan exercise is double-edged sword, both to prove safety in Japan also in Korea have a deterrent. Both the exercise of naval combat capability, but also shows that China has a variety of foreign countries to defend national sovereignty and security means of attack. He said that if the news is true, China is not afraid of the Korean media hype, in the air defense identification zone flight does not violate international law, it is normal. Another unnamed senior PLA generals on the "Global Times" reporter said, if this move is to beat South Korea, it should also, after all they do is not conducive to Sino Korea and Sino Japanese relations. "Let the habit of Japan and South Korea in the East China Sea China normalized power", he stressed that the Soviet reef within our air defense identification zone, but it is not the reef island, so there is no territorial dispute between China and South korea. He said, this news release in Japan and South Korea foreign ministers and G20 on the eve of the summit, if South Korea is to put these things as some chips, exert influence on the diplomatic struggle, "then we also have a way to deal with". (winter blue song of Solomon Guo Yuandan Guo Xiaowei Lin Pengfei Ji Wu Zhiwei)相关的主题文章: