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Japanese media: MITSUBISHI car and a number of models was found cheating in fuel efficiency — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Japanese media: MITSUBISHI car and a number of models was found cheating in fuel efficiency data figure: April 20th, Japan and Tokyo, MITSUBISHI’s president Aikawa Tetsuro (left two) attended the press conference. According to media reports, MITSUBISHI acknowledged the use of fuel economy test results, there is a violation of the car in the formal test when the fuel consumption will increase by 5% to about 10%. In August 31, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Mitsubishi Motor Co around the mini car burning effect data tampering issue, the Japanese Ministry of land, 30 this month, revealed that the effect of the detection results of burning alone company is selling 9 models for display, SUV (SUV) "RVR" and "Pajero" passenger car "MIRAGE" and other 8 models of fuel efficiency is lower than the sales by numerical mark product catalog, of which the maximum fuel efficiency is low 8.8% numerical directory. Reported that MITSUBISHI plans to suspend two weeks of sales related to the 8 models. As tax is lowered to bear the tax burden and gasoline fee difference compensation to the green car, MITSUBISHI announced that it will take 76474 cars for each object to the owners to pay 30 thousand to 100 thousand yen (about 2000 yuan to 6530 yuan) in compensation. According to the Japanese cross province, Mitsubishi Motor Co within the fuel efficiency of the 9 models tested, from a plurality of test results in only selected reported favorable data, and burning technique of cheating effect test is exactly the same in the mini car. Japan’s Ministry of foreign affairs asked MITSUBISHI to modify the value of the car and report, MITSUBISHI car submitted to the National People’s Congress on the same day the revised value. Compared with the actual numerical value of the maximum value of the "RVR" catalog values show that the model can be 16 kilometers per liter of gasoline, and according to the provincial state of the province, the actual gasoline can only travel up to 14.6 kilometers per liter. Chairman of the board of directors of the company’s benefit in Tokyo, the headquarters of the Hong Kong port held a press conference, apologized, said: on the effectiveness of the fire test misconduct, apologize." But he also said that the selection method of data is not clearly defined, and did not violate the law. MITSUBISHI cars in the 4 minicar exposure problem, said the one hand is selling models also have tampered with, but on the other hand, explained: "in accordance with the laws and regulations of the methods for internal detection, there is not much difference with the value of product catalog." It is reported that the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs also announced the use of the same method of violation of the test results of 26 models SUZUKI, are more than the value of the product catalog, there is no problem. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: