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Politics Where are the grownups in the Democratic Party? Someone needs to step forward and stop Clinton and Obama before they totally cause the implosion of their party. The negatives for both candidates are up while McCann’s positive numbers are up. The bickering between the two campaigns is going to cause our party to miss the best opportunity in years to win back the White House. I am a life long Democrat and I am ready to jump ship. Do these two candidates realize what is happening? Do they realize that they are clearing the road for a McCann victory? Clinton has no way to win the nomination and seems to be determined to take Obama down with her. What is more important Senator Clinton ‘ you winning the White House or your party winning? Maybe our country is really not ready for a woman to occupy the Oval Office. Every other country can handle it ‘ so maybe America isn’t the leader in every way ‘ for it seems we are certainly not a country in the leadership role on the gender bias issue. And are we still a country that is racially bias also? What sad, sad shape our country is in! We have learned nothing except to hide our biases from each other. And Senator Obama ‘ you are just as bad! Is it more important to you to win the White House than it is for your party to win? You are also a very young man ‘ you have many years left in which to run for higher office. Why does it have to be now, at this time, against this woman? Are you just as stubborn as Senator Clinton ‘ are both of you so sure that this is the time for you to run? I can understand Senator Clinton because she and I are the same age and I couldn’t keep up with her campaign now much less in another 4 or 8 years. But there is always time for you. I could understand if both of you had policies that were dramatically different but there is very little difference between any of your policies. So I don’t understand why one of you can’t just stop and let the other one go ahead now. I really thought our country was better than this. I wonder how we appear to other countries. Many of our value are so backwards that I can’t understand how we see ourselves as leader of the free world. It started with our arrogant foreign policy and now our domestic policy and economy are in the toilet. Do we have any real leaders left? If there is, would you please step forward and save our party? I want all of this to end ‘ except I will really have to work to write my articles instead of just watching the news for 30 minutes. Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Boulette About the Author: 相关的主题文章: