2016 Q2 mobile phone business reputation list Samsung music as ZTE reputation is not good viper12a

2016 Q2 mobile phone business reputation list: Samsung music as ZTE’s reputation is not good to enter the second quarter of 2016, the domestic mainstream mobile phone manufacturers shot higher frequency. Only in the second quarter of 2016, the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers launched a low, medium and high-end market covering more than 25 mobile phones, while in the previous quarter, this is a singular. Start the last quarter of the new machine, both can choose to experience the market test models, but also to meet your needs for mobile phone replacement. But so many mobile phone how to choose? "Consumer reports" unraveling from the electricity supplier reputation, comprehensive evaluation of 84 thousand commercial, let you hear your opinions. (please see the data at the end of the paper) 100 yuan machine: 5C 360N4 led the glory smooth play, "hot potato" Charm Blue "youth good" banner, fairly representative of 100 yuan machine, for groups of young people, the price must be low enough, they will not bring economic pressure; configuration and quality will meet young people to experience the increasing use of digital products. The second quarter of 2016, two, glory play Charm Blue hundred machine mainstream brands have released a new "consumer reports", in addition to 360, ZTE two brands have joined the comparative sequence. (Figure 1) reputation analysis showed that the 5C camera, glory play screen, radiating a number of indicators of consumer word-of-mouth ranked first, higher than second of the more than a charm blue note3. 1, glory play 5C: in addition to the appearance and design of main memory, double antenna are good glory play 5C makes the signal enhancement, many consumers think the other hundred machine it is better than previous use. The 3000mAh battery capacity available for users to use more than 1 days of moderate. Front camera 13 million pixels, rear camera 8 million pixels, the camera supports many features, suitable for self love young women. Although the photo amplified noise significantly, only 100 yuan in the machine level camera has commendable. At the same time, 5C is the most fun Tucao places in its memory and system design. The storage system is relatively large, leaving the application is not much storage. In terms of design, plastic box plus metal shell makes the mobile phone by a sense of cheap, rear camera highlights, many consumers worry that it is easy to scratch. HUAWEI is the most difficult design problem also lies in its built-in virtual key settings, a lot of pollen "bare voice:" for so many years, why can not be placed in the built-in virtual keys below? "2, 360N4: fast, high proportion of problem, advantages and disadvantages of 360N4 was the most prominent feature is a fast response system, fingerprint to unlock, other than one hundred yuan machine, and that it is equipped with ten core processor +4G memory" are not unrelated. Another main function of "turbo flash charge" is only valid when making chicken ribs, screen, and use mobile phone charging, the charging effect will be greatly reduced. According to user comments, the proportion of crashes, black, failure, flash back problem of 360N4 is 1.19%, higher than the average price of the mobile phone with the proportion of 0.73%, coupled with soaring temperature charge and play the game, obviously, advantages and disadvantages, it is "hot potato". 3, Charm Blue note3: Endurance strong, camera:相关的主题文章: